Xiaomi taps Keysight to accelerate 5G device validation

Xiaomi has selected Keysight’s 5G device test platform to validate its smartphones in accordance with 5G Release 16 specifications. The world’s third largest smartphone vendor measured by units shipped, Xiaomi chose Keysight 5G test cases to capture early revenue associated with 3GPP Release 16 opportunities. Keysight’s collaborations with major 5G modem platform vendors enable Xiaomi to speed commercial introductions of smartphones that support the latest 5G NR features and specifications.

Keysight network emulation platforms and toolsets offer a set of software-centric 5G device test solutions to support RF characterization and protocol compliance validation. Xiaomi uses these common hardware and software components to emulate a wide range of real-world network scenarios and radio channel conditions.

The company also leverages the Keysight S8811A 5G device performance toolset with advanced channel emulation capabilities to create a real-world lab-based test environment. Together, these measurement tools enable Xiaomi to design a wide range of mid- and high-end smartphones.

Keysight Technologies

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