Whitening Filters Help Low-Power Radios Tackle Issues Caused by Long Identical Bit Sequences

Learn how whitening filters solve problems in low-power radios when transmitting long identical bit sequences. Explore their significance in protocols like BLE and ZigBee. In today's fast-paced, interconnected world, low-power wireless communication systems play an increasingly important role. They enable devices like wearables, IoT sensors, and smart home gadgets to transmit and receive data efficiently … Read more

Industrial Wireless Technology: Communication and Programming

Wireless technology is typically slower to adoption for industrial automation, but what wireless advancements are shaping the current and future landscape of the automated factory floor? There was a time when wireless technology was virtually entirely impractical within industrial environments. Cybersecurity issues, often stemming from a fundamental lack of experience from many production floor technicians, … Read more

Vulnerabilities and Attacks on Bluetooth LE Devices—Reviewing Recent Info

To understand known vulnerabilities and attacks on Bluetooth LE devices, we review some studies from the past 4+ years. As our world continues to delve deeper into the age of digital connectivity, Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) has become a technological mainstay. Nestled within your everyday devices—be it your smartphone, wearable tech, or even your smart … Read more

Reliable Mobile Coverage Paramount When Leasing Office Space

The advent of the smartphone and other wireless-enabled devices has transformed the way we communicate with each other at work. Until 2020, however, they didn’t have much impact on our place of work. Three years on from a global health crisis and the office environment has been completely redefined. So, too, have workplace communications requirements … Read more

Earbud implementation options: Taking a test drive(r)

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a fan of acquiring gear via Amazon’s Warehouse section (both pre-planned and, admittedly, spontaneous) whenever possible, from both cost-savings and keep-out-of-landfill re-use standpoints…although the latter sometimes leads to not-as-advertised downsides. Back in late August, Amazon was offering an additional 20% off a notable subset of its Warehouse inventory, so in … Read more

A holiday shopping guide for engineers: 2022 edition

This’ll be the fourth consecutive year that EDN has published my ode to holiday-excused consumerism: here are the 2019, 2020 and 2021 editions (I skipped a few years between the 2014 edition and its successors). As before, I’ve included up-front links to the prior-year versions because I’ve done my best here to not regurgitate any … Read more

Prying open a dashcam GPS antenna

After having torn down and subsequently successfully reassembled two Aukey dashcams, the DRA1 and (more recently) DRA5, I had two options for what to do with them: donate them or keep them (I guess I could also “sell them”, but that’d really stretch the meaning of “open box”, wouldn’t it?). So far, I’ve kept them. … Read more

Smart home: 4 things you should know about Matter

The premise of the smart home is on the cusp of a rapid expansion with the adoption of the Matter standard that ensures interoperability and backward compatibility of connected devices from different manufacturers running various operating systems. ABI Research forecasts that, by 2030, more than 1.5 billion Matter-certified devices will ship annually. Consumer robotics, smart … Read more

Chip ferrite beads remove wideband noise in vehicles

The BLM21HE series of chip ferrite beads from Murata provide powerline noise suppression, including high-frequency issues within high-current automotive systems. Even at 1 GHz, BLM21HE802XXX devices typically attain impedance values of 850 Ω. This makes the parts useful for addressing the signal integrity of next-generation vehicle designs where high-current powerlines will be in close proximity … Read more

GNSS simulator improves OTA antenna testing

Spirent’s GSS7000 global navigation satellite system (GNSS) simulator has been integrated into MVG’s over-the-air (OTA) and passive antenna test systems. According to Spirent, the GSS7000 delivers an output that closely mirrors the real word, enabling developers across multiple industries, such as automotive, aviation, and military, to test their devices under the most realistic conditions. MVG … Read more