Introduction to Transportation Electrification

This article provides an overview of the early adoption of vehicle electrification and the basics of electrifying transportation. Transportation electrification has been a crucial effort to promote alternative fueled vehicles since the mid-2000s. It typically refers to the use of electricity from external electrical power sources, including the electrical grid for all or most parts … Read more

Quick-release power interconnects handle up to 400 A

In addition to a positive lock/release feature for enhanced cycle durability, Amphenol’s low-profile, high-power interconnects leverage the company’s R4 RADSOK technology, which lowers voltage drop, maximizes contact surface, and reduces temperature rise. The RoHS-compliant connectors have a current rating of 70 A to 400 A, a maximum DC voltage rating of 1000 V, and an … Read more

Video: Tear down that Prius!

Click here to see a sped-up video of a Toyota Prius being torn down in one minute. The electronic innards were exposed at the recent Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose in a series of presentations by David Carey of Portelligent and Al Steier of Munro and Associates . Their findings were since cataloged in … Read more

Scope software verifies BroadR-Reach interfaces

Compliance test software for Rohde & Schwarz’ RTO digital oscilloscopes enables engineers to perform automated tests on BroadR-Reach Ethernet interfaces used in automotive connectivity applications. BroadR-Reach technology makes it possible to combine multiple applications, such as video streaming from a rear-view camera and signal transmission from automotive radar systems, to create a single open and … Read more

Clean Those Connectors

Keeping your connectors and adapters clean will allow for the maximum measurement accuracy and repeatability. I started my engineering career as a microwave engineer at Raytheon in Goleta, Calif. Working at the typical microwave frequencies of 1GHz to 18GHz, we had to be rather religious about keeping our coaxial connectors and adapters clean. Older connectors … Read more

Sirens gone wild, inside and out

What a week it was, let me tell you. On Sunday, November 24 around 10:00 AM, the fire alarm in my house sounded. It's a hard wired system with one battery-backed-up smoke/CO2 detector on each floor and several others (no battery) scattered around the rooms. Yet, there was no fire and no smoke to be … Read more

Wireless oscilloscope sends data to a tablet

Aubrey Kagan, engineering manager at Emphatec had a measurement problem. He needed a low-speed oscilloscope to monitor voltages and current inside a welding machine controller panel. For operator safety, the machine's controlling equipment had to be enclosed, making the electronics inaccessible through probes. Therefore, using a conventional oscilloscope was impractical because there was no way … Read more

Debugging automotive serial buses: CAN, LIN and FlexRay exposed

It used be that that automobile buyers cared more about horsepower and styling when it came to figuring out what car to buy. Now it’s all about efficiency, and lately with the growth of consumer electronics, showroom battles are often won or lost based on gadgetry and electronic sophistication. In fact, it has been estimated … Read more

JEDEC forum puts the focus on mobile memory

Mobile applications constitute one of the key growth markets for memory, outpacing traditional compute platforms in the post-PC era. As performance and functionality demands increase, mobile applications impose ever more stringent requirements on memory technology. Users want their phones to do everything, weigh nothing, run for days on a single charge, and cost a pittance. … Read more

Not Your Father’s Calculator

Most technicians and engineers have a special calculator that they call their favorite. This calculator may be the one that got them through algebra and upper level engineering classes, or the one associated with a particular memorable portion of their career. In some cases, a favorite calculator is the only calculator a technician or engineer … Read more