Dual N-channel JFET lowers noise in precision instrumentation and sensors

The LS844 monolithic dual N-channel JFET from Linear Systems provides low input capacitance, substantially reducing intermodulation distortion. Targeting precision instrumentation and sensor applications, the LS844 offers a combination of high transconductance, low noise of 2.5 nV/√Hz typical at 1 kHz, and low input capacitance of just 3 pF typical and 8 pF maximum. Constructed by … Read more

N-channel trench MOSFETs eases thermal management for wearables

With their low on-resistance, Nexperia’s 12-V and 30-V N-channel trench MOSFETs minimize energy losses and increase efficiency. The 30-V PMCB60XN and PMCB60XNE come in ultra-compact wafer-level DSN1006 (SOT8026) packages, while the 12-V PMCA14UN is housed in a DSN1010 (SOT8007) package. Nexperia reports that the MOSFETs’ RDS(on) is up to 25% better than competing devices. Simplified … Read more

The start-up transistor works once!

It’s the mid 1990’s and I am a design engineer for a company that designs and manufactures custom measurement systems and high power electronics. Our customers range from experimental fusion reactor operators to electric utilities. One day my boss tells me to join him in the conference room to meet with some people from a … Read more

Measuring Conduction Voltage of Semiconductors in Operation for Real Time Temperature Evaluation

Junction temperature is directly related to system reliability. With TO packaged transistors, it was possible to add a thermocouple to the case and get a good idea of the junction temperature this doesn’t work for most SMD parts Directly measuring the junction of SMD components is almost impossible, for the following reasons. There is no … Read more

Utilizing GaN with High-Performance Gate Driving

This article highlights MinDCet GaN power stages that requires implementing an optimized gate-driver for GaN transistors. GaN technology is a true enabler for power stages, today providing performance that was unthinkable in the previous decade. The maximum performance and benefits from GaN are obtained only when the gate driver matches the same degree of performance … Read more

Transistors predicted to stop shrinking in 2021

The 2015 International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) report, officially released in early July 2016, predicted that after more than 50 years of miniaturization, the transistor could stop shrinking by 2021. In just five years, the miniaturization of the transistor could reach a halt. The 2015 International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) report, officially released … Read more

Silicon + GaN = Simplified, High-Performance Design

STMicroelectronics’ MasterGaN, a platform that integrates a half-bridge driver based on silicon technology, has just been further-optimized with the addition of a pair of gallium nitride power transistors. In an interview with Power Electronics News, ST highlighted how this new platform enables up to 80% smaller, lighter-weight systems with 3× faster recharge times, but above … Read more