Automated Acoustic Inspection for IGBT Modules

This article discusses the non-destructive inspecting of IGBT modules for internal structural defects such as voids, non-bonds, delamination and cracks. High-power IGBT modules have long needed a non-destructive method to inspect for internal structural defects such as voids, non-bonds, delaminations and cracks. The best time for such inspection is after assembly but before encapsulation, which … Read more

Acoustic Investigation for Internal Structural Defects in TO247 and TO220 Packages

This article highlights Nordson SONOSCAN with the University of Texas at Dallas TO-247 packages designed for high-power, along with TO-220s acoustic imaging. TO-247 packages, along with TO-220s, are designed for use in high-power, through-hole situations. The package may contain transistors (“TO” stands for “transistor outline”), silicon-controlled rectifiers, or integrated circuits. A package may have three … Read more

Handling Late Changes in Power System Designs

This article discusses Power System Design and how to improve flexibility in adapting to the changing requirements. Providing power to today’s electronic systems designs has become a complex and challenging exercise. Stable power, efficiently delivered at the correct levels, is the bedrock on which all other performance parameters rest. The pursuit of ever-more demanding specifications … Read more

Why You Should Use Power Stage Designer™ to Start a Power Supply Design

This article highlights Texas Instruments Power Stage Designer as a tool quick assessment values and waveforms for commonly used power-supply topologies. Many electrical engineers have been using Texas Instruments’ free JAVA based Power Stage DesignerTM Tool since 2011 to aid them picking the right components for their switch-mode power-supplies. With the brand new version, Power … Read more

Secrets of ‘Fluid-Like’ Heat Flow in Solid Semiconductor at Nanoscale

This article discusses the thermoreflectance thermal imaging approach allowing researchers to create maps of temperature rise at far higher resolution. Researchers are applying the same “hydrodynamic transport model” used to study flow in fluids to explain heat transport in a solid semiconductor, with potential implications for the design of high-speed transistors and lasers. Thermal imaging … Read more

High-Precision Power Measurement of SiC Inverters

This article introduced important considerations that come into play when measuring the efficiency and loss of inverters and motors. Introduction Development of higher-efficiency, more compact motor drive systems is a key priority for manufacturers of EVs and HEVs as well as the rail industry, among other sectors of the economy, where companies have started using … Read more

Innovative Remote Sense Approach for Power Supply Test & Measurement Systems Eliminates Potential Problems

This article discusses the advantages of using the innovative approach to Remote Sense for power supply test and measurement applications. Remote sense is an effective voltage-regulation technique used in test and measurement applications and is often critical to achieving accurate and repeatable test results. A new and innovative approach to remote sense in programmable power … Read more

A New Family of Miniature, Fast and Accurate Transducers for Isolated Current Measurement

This article introduced a new series of miniature, fast and accurate transducers for isolated measurement of AC and DC currents. The design of isolated current transducers has been continuously driven by cost and size reduction. Continuing this trend, a new family of transducers needing no magnetic circuit has been introduced in standard small-outline integrated circuit … Read more

Current Measurement Methods that Deliver High Precision Power Analysis in the Field of Power Electronics

This article discusses the current measurement methods specifically on Direct Connection Method and Current Sensor method used in power analyzers. Various power electronics applications demand high-precision power (current and voltage) measurement of such characteristics as the power conversion efficiency of power conditioners, the efficiency of inverters and motors, and reactor losses. This paper narrows the … Read more