Xiaomi taps Keysight to accelerate 5G device validation

Xiaomi has selected Keysight’s 5G device test platform to validate its smartphones in accordance with 5G Release 16 specifications. The world’s third largest smartphone vendor measured by units shipped, Xiaomi chose Keysight 5G test cases to capture early revenue associated with 3GPP Release 16 opportunities. Keysight’s collaborations with major 5G modem platform vendors enable Xiaomi … Read more

Homebrew loop gain test transformer

You can purchase test equipment that will allow you to examine the loop gain and loop phase properties of an operating feedback loop and, that purchased equipment will deliver useful results over a very wide range of frequencies. However, the feedback loops in the power supplies I’ve encountered only needed to be characterized over fairly … Read more

Interposer accommodates PCIe 5.0 traffic

Teledyne Lecroy’s PCIe 5.0 Mini Cool Edge IO (MCIO) interposer works with its Summit family of protocol analyzers to capture and decode PCIe 5.0 traffic. The interposer enables engineers to test products that incorporate card edge connectors or cabled connector assemblies that employ the MCIO mechanical connector with PCIe 5.0, NVM Express, or Compute Express … Read more

IC power integrity tool improves productivity

The Cadence Voltus-XFi custom electromigration and IR drop (EM-IR) software eases the design of efficient, low-power ICs. Seamlessly integrated with the company’s Quantus extraction tool, Virtuoso design environment, and Spectre simulator, Voltus-XFi can enhance productivity by as much as three times versus existing solutions. The transistor-level EM-IR tool delivers foundry-supported SPICE-level accuracy for power integrity … Read more

Spectrum analyzer displays Wi-Fi 6/6E activity

WiPry Clarity from Oscium is a tri-band Wi-Fi spectrum analyzer that lets you view wireless activity on Wi-Fi 6/6E, as well as legacy Wi-Fi bands. Using the free Windows or Mac software, the tool displays the invisible wireless landscape to find interference that negatively impacts network performance. It exposes dead spaces, pinpoints sources of interference, … Read more

5G O-RAN test suite moves to the cloud

Keysight’s Open Radio Access Network Architect (KORA) test software is now available in the cloud for improved flexibility and rapid deployment. The company also announced that its LoadCore software for testing 5G Core (5GC) can now be purchased as a metered, pay-as-you-go product through Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. The KORA suite verifies the functionality … Read more

Test and measurement companies join forces to address PCIe 6.0

Anritsu, in collaboration with Tektronix, demonstrated a PCIe 6.0 base specification test system at last month’s PCI-SIG Developers Conference. The test setup teamed Anritsu’s MP1900A signal quality analyzer with a DPO70000SX real-time oscilloscope from Tektronix and silicon-proven Synopsys PCIe 6.0 IP. PCIe 6.0 employs forward error correction (FEC) as a key technology to ensure the … Read more

SSD test appliances ensure PCIe 5 compliance

OakGate R300 3U rack-mount and DE200 desktop test appliances offer scalable conformance testing of PCIe Gen 5 solid-state drives (SSDs). The 8-bay systems give engineers the flexibility to interchange all standard SSD connector types and form factors, while the 16-bay expansion enclosures enable the creation of large test configurations. According to OakGate Technology, now part … Read more

Using the BlasterAmp – down a rabbit hole of specifications

The BlasterAmp [1] has proven useful to me in testing all sorts of analog-to-digital converter (ADC) circuits, even my digital oscilloscopes. While I mainly conceived it to test integrated ADCs in microprocessors, it can be used to test even RF ADCs. Yes, even that several hundred MHz downsampling ADC can be tested with an audio … Read more

PXI multiplexers sport 67-GHz terminated switches

Aimed at 5G and semiconductor test, Pickering’s PXI/PXIe microwave multiplexers switch 50-Ω internally terminated signals at up to 67 GHz. The 50-Ω internal relay terminations improve signal integrity by allowing unused channels of a test system to be terminated in the characteristic impedance of the signal path. The panel-mount 40-785C (PXI) and 42-785C (PXIe) modules … Read more