Soldering Materials for the Next Generation of Power Electronics

This article highlights Tamura Corporation new soldering materials development for jointing technology in response to the requirement of power electronics. The jointing technology required for advanced power electronics requires achieving high reliability, heat resistance etc. Tamura Corporation, a global company in the field of electric and electronic technology, has developed a new jointing material as … Read more

The YH-878AD 2-IN-1 smd soldering iron hot air rework solder station

h1. Solder station needed. After looking at Ebay, Craigslist, and finally Amazon. I found and ordered what I thought would be a comprise in price/quality/availability, “link(link)”: YH-878ADYes, it is “Made in China”. I’m sorry, but the price was right for my corporate budget, (okay, my allowance). Anyway, here it is.YH-878AD Solder Station I received it … Read more

Handling High Brightness Through Hole LED Lamps

LEDs are well known for their long useful life compared to conventional incandescent bulb. If an LED is not being properly handled, it will significantly shorten its useful life and might even cause catastrophic failure. This application note provides detail information about the soldering process and handling precautions of high brightness through hole (TH) LEDs … Read more

MGA-43xxx Series MCOB Package

The Avago Technologies MGA-43xxx series is a fully matched power amplifier. This application note provide guidelines for PCB land pattern layout, stencil design, manual soldering and rework for MGA-43xxx Series. It also includes a section on the proper process of de-soldering from a board. The guidelines are to ensure that optimum RF performance must be … Read more

Soldering Surface Mount Components

Soldering is the process of using a metal alloy with a low melting temperature (solder) to fuse the electrical contacts of a component to the pads of a circuit board. Proper soldering maximizes the strength and conductivity of the connection. Poor soldering can result in a weak connections, higher resistance that causes heat buildup at … Read more

Soldering LED Components

This application note provides an in-depth discussion of the soldering process and how it relates to leaded LED lamps and display components, with the objective of serving as a guide to achieving high yields for solder connections. Introduction The modern printed circuit (PC) board is assembled with a wide variety of semiconductor components. These components … Read more