EM simulator broadens antenna capabilities

The updated schematic editor within Remcom’s XFdtd 3D EM simulation software now supports diplex matched antennas. It also features new efficiencies to streamline antenna design workflows and shorten design cycles. XFdtd’s schematic editor combines matching network analysis with full-wave results. This makes the simulation tool well-suited for complex antenna designs involving multi-state and multi-port aperture … Read more

Software development model for the ISO/SAE 21434 standard

In the functional safety world, once a system is developed, it remains protected as long as the system is in service. In contrast, the security world demands that software must continue to defend a system against constantly evolving methods of attack long after a product is released. With the explosion in demand for in-vehicle connectivity, … Read more

ISO/SAE 21434: Software certification for automotive cybersecurity

Automotive embedded applications have traditionally been isolated, static, fixed-function and device-specific implementations, and development practices and processes have relied on that status. But the explosion in demand for connectivity now sees non-critical systems such as entertainment systems sharing the same communications infrastructure as steering, braking, and control systems. These changes bring the potential for safety … Read more

Getting started in structured assembly in complex SoC designs

The integration level of a system-on-chip (SoC) is defined in RTL, just like the rest of the design. Historically, RTL has been built through text editors. However, a decade or more ago, the sheer complexity of that task for the largest SoCs became unmanageable; now, most SoCs cross that threshold. Why is this? The number … Read more

Ansys updates physics-based simulation software

New capabilities in Ansys 2022 R2 provide improved simulation accuracy, GPU solver advances, and AI/ML optimization to meet tough design challenges. Open workflows enhance collaboration and increase productivity across multiple engineering disciplines and industries, all in a scalable platform. Ansys Maxwell 2022 R2 electromechanical device analysis software provides reduced-order models for induction machines with improved … Read more

Recreating PLC Ladder Logic in an Arduino C/C++ IDE

​​​​​​​Arduinos have been a staple in the community of makers, students, and project innovators for many years. For many using Arduino’s IDE, there can be difficulties in translating between PLC ladder rungs and text programming. Arduinos have been a staple in the community of makers, students, and project innovators for many years. For many using … Read more

What is Firmware, and Why is PLC Firmware Important?

Inside a controller, code is interpreted into the binary signals that influence input and output signals, flags and registers, and even the communication of network signals. This is the job of firmware. Understanding the overlap between hardware and software can be a difficult topic in any industrial control system. Often, we think of hardware as … Read more

Solving Power Capacity Challenges with Software Defined Power

This article introduces Intelligent Control of Energy solution for complete power management of data centers and similar network and IT infrastructures. Running out of power is a constant concern for the operators of data centers and similar IT and communications infrastructure. The fight for footprint optimization while boosting processing and storage capabilities is a never-ending … Read more

The AI-centric microcontrollers eye the new era of edge computing

Microcontrollers have dramatically evolved over the past years, and edge computing is at the heart of this MCU evolution. That’s what Ron Martino, executive VP and general manager of edge processing at NXP Semiconductors calls a new era of edge computing. “As we approach the milestone of 75 billion connected devices, we need to address … Read more

EM simulation software addresses 60 GHz and beyond design

PathWave ADS 2023 from Keysight offers enhancements to EM simulation and streamlines multi-technology integration into EDA workflows. The software enables RF and microwave product developers to address signal complexity, design densification, and frequencies to 60 GHz and beyond. Simulation performance enhancements in RFPro, the interactive EM simulator integrated with PathWave ADS, include automation of EM … Read more