SoC FPGA for RISC-V enters mass production

Microchip announced production qualification of its PolarFire MPFS250T SoC FPGA supporting the royalty-free RISC-V open standard ISA. Volume production of the MPFS250T, which provides 254,000 logic elements, extends the PolarFire portfolio of multi-core RISC-V SoC FPGAs, delivering an even smaller thermal footprint for low-power smart embedded vision applications. It can also be used in automotive, … Read more

Technology bets don’t always pan out

 I’ve mentioned several times in the past, most recently (I think) in August 2019, my “MacPro3,1” early 2008 model Apple Mac Pro: It’s been a trusted workhorse for many years. Ever since I bought it used in September 2011, I’ve successively upgraded many elements of it; adding expansion cards, updating the graphics subsystem, expanding its … Read more

Edge AI processors halve power consumption

Sitara AM62 processors from TI boast a low-power design that supports dual displays, 3D graphics acceleration, and small HMI applications. TI says that AM62 processors can reduce power consumption in industrial applications by as much as 50% compared to competing devices, allowing an application powered by AA batteries to remain on for over 1,000 hours. … Read more

5G SoC offers mmWave connectivity

MediaTek debuted its first 5G mmWave chip, the Dimensity 1050, boasting seamless connectivity, fast displays, gaming, and power efficiency. Through dual connectivity, the device provides long-range sub-6 GHz (FR1) and super-fast mmWave (FR2) connections, even in densely populated areas. By performing 3CC carrier aggregation on sub-6 GHz spectrum and 4CC carrier aggregation on mmWave spectrum, … Read more

Energy Storage Systems in Electrified Transportation

This article explains how battery packs utilize an energy management system for protection, control, and estimation. Electrification is the most promising solution to enable a more sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation system. Traditionally, electrical energy storage for vehicle applications has been limited to starting lighting ignition (SLI) sub-systems. However, the increase in vehicle electrification has … Read more

Can AI Help Manage the Data Needed for SoC Verification?

Thomas Delaye, director of technical marketing in the Emulation Division at Mentor, a Siemens Business, recently studied how data could be used more effectively in chip design verification tools, such as hardware emulation. A big challenge, he discovered, because hardware emulation has a data problem, notably the large amount it generates. What follows is Lauro … Read more

electronica virtual: Post-Covid-19, the Future Looks Brighter for the Semiconductor Industry

At today’s electronica virtual CEO roundtable, four CEOs shared their views on the impact of Covid-19 on the electronics industry. All agreed that the semiconductor industry was a key benefactor of the effect of business and consumer demand for everything digital and virtual, and while the pandemic has been a big issue for 2020, the … Read more

Arduino CEO Implores Open Source for Everyone — From Children to Pros

Arduino, an open-source electronics platform based on a simplified hardware and software management system, offers boards for every design target. At the heart of its latest board for the industrial market, Portenta, is STMicroelectronics’ microcontroller, with a dual-core Cortex-M7 and Cortex-M4 on the chip. In this video interview with EEWeb, Arduino CEO Fabio Violante discusses … Read more

Preparing for DAC: Technical panels

This year there are eight technical panels at DAC on a wide ranging set of topics covering the areas of new process nodes and technologies, power, verification, security, embedded systems and more. There is sure to be something of interest to just about everyone. All panels will be in room 16AB. In this blog I … Read more