IGBT/SiC-FET Driver Design Tips to Prevent False Triggering

This article discusses tips on properly designing IGBT or SiC FET bridge circuits to prevent false triggering and ensure high reliability. When designing IGBT or SiC FET bridge circuits, proper design of the gate drive circuitry is at least as important as transistor selection to ensure high reliability  Concern for the environment is a major … Read more

SiC FET Package Options Improve On-Board Charger Performance

Power-conversion efficiency is critical to addressing concerns about electric-vehicle range and charging time. On-board chargers (OBCs) with DC output and large magnetic components can benefit from reduced size and cost by switching at much higher frequencies, but they run the risk of increased dynamic losses and reduced efficiency. MOSFETs, particularly those utilizing silicon carbide, can … Read more

Using the Calorimetric Method to Verify Dynamic Power Device Analyzer Switching Energy Calculations

Knowing the power dissipation of a transistor is important to calculate the overall efficiency of the system and dimension the transistor’s cooling system. Wide-bandgap (WBG) semiconductors drastically increase switching frequencies (f), making switching energy (ES) a key contributor to the total power dissipation (P). Extracting ES is not trivial and multiple methods exist. The calorimetric … Read more

Driving for Perfection — SiC Semiconductors in EVs

It can be difficult to relate to the calls for energy savings in electronics when it means only a few cents’ reduction in your electricity bill or some tiny contribution to reduction of global CO2 emissions, but when better efficiency is extracted from electric vehicles, the effects are more tangible — better range, lighter weight, … Read more

Faster Charging Could Mean Quicker Electric Vehicle Adoption

This article discusses how new silicon carbide semiconductor technology could be a solution to faster and more efficient EV charging, enabling quicker adoption of electric vehicles. Consumer demand for reliable EVs with comparable range to fossil-fuel cars is currently outrunning the technology itself — certainly at a widely accessible price point. Charge time also remains an issue, … Read more

Maximizing Performance with SiC Discretes

UnitedSiC has recently expanded its SiC FET product offerings to encompass devices with tailored switching speeds UnitedSiC has recently expanded its SiC FET product offerings to encompass devices with tailored switching speeds and offered both in traditional 3-leaded packages as well as a range of packages with source Kelvin. These devices target a wide range … Read more