GaN Power ICs Enable the New Revolution in Power Electronics

This article highlights Navitas Semiconductor GaN Power ICs history with power electronics technology development and advantages brought by GaN devices. Forty years ago, in 1977, two major events changed the lives of many engineers: the movie “Star Wars” was released, and there was a revolution in power electronics. By 2017, we have had many Star … Read more

The Next Step in the Evolution of Power Electronics: PEN eBook July 2022 – PowerUP

This year’s PowerUP Expo Virtual Conference has seen many speakers talking about wide-bandgap (WBG) semiconductors, energy trends, and low-power aspects. Efficiency is a driving force in all industrial sectors, including consumer. Thanks to their savings in size, weight, and cost, as well as higher efficiency, gallium nitride and silicon carbide power devices are making major … Read more

Driving SiC MOSFETs with a HighSpeed Gate Driver IC

Silicon-Carbide (SiC) MOSFETs that become a visible part of the MOSFET market require special gate drivers that are able to provide a negative voltage Silicon-Carbide (SiC) MOSFETs that become a visible part of the MOSFET market require special gate drivers that are able to provide a negative voltage to the gate in a MOSFETs off state, high charge/discharge pulse current, and … Read more

SiC Power Modules for a Wide Application Range Innovative Power Devices for a Sustainable Future

This article explains in detail the innovation potential and benefits of integrating SiC-technology in power electronics systems. Development Milestones of SiC Power Modules Today’s SiC power modules from Mitsubishi Electric (see Figure1) are belonging to the first phase of SiC-commercialization that had started around 2010. Figure 1: Today’s SiC-module range (X-axis: module rated current in … Read more

Advantages of the 1200 V SiC Schottky Diode with MPS Design

This article describes how consistent innovations in device design and assembly techniques improve performance, reliability and cost position of diode. Single- and three-phase inverters in solar, UPS or energy storage applications today demand for high efficiency, compact designs and extended reliability. Inverter implementation in these applications is limited by silicon devices’ high dynamic losses when … Read more

Technology Trends Raising Power-Conversion Efficiency

This article discusses the advances in superjunction MOSFETs and SiC Rectifiers and how they can improve on-resistance and noise of power supply designs. The latest advances in superjunction MOSFETs and silicon-carbide rectifiers give designers extra freedom to optimise performance and efficiency in cost-sensitive power-conversion applications   Power Supply Design Demands Efficiency Gains and More In … Read more

Simulating the Conducted EMI of Switching Power Converters

This article describes a method for simulating conducted EMI in switching power converters highlighting LISN model development and EMI signature extraction. Simulation of electromagnetic interference (EMI) eliminates the ‘black magic’ of EMI design, enables increased power density with filter optimization, and reduces the risk of product delays. This article shares a methodology for model development … Read more

Traction-Inverter Development Platform Eases Road to Future Mobility

The momentum towards electrified mobility is gathering as governments commit to ending sales of petrol and diesel cars around the 2030 timeframe. The automotive industry, including manufacturers of trucks and buses as well as passenger or specialty vehicles, needs to solve e-powertrain design challenges quickly. However, the technology is unfamiliar and significant engineering resources and … Read more

CoolSiC MOSFETs A Revolution to Rely On

This article highlights Infineon Technologies AG SiC MOSFETs standard IGBT driver voltages and switching behavior that enables a very low design effort. The Silicon Carbide (SiC) switches are increasingly popular for power converters and other power-related applications. This latest technology delivers higher efficiency, faster-switching frequencies, reduced heat dissipation and space savings which sums up to … Read more