Power Conversion Breakthroughs Fuel a Robot Revolution

Innovations in power-conversion technology are enabling a transformation in robotics design. Today’s integrated power modules are addressing the demanding size, weight, power budgets, and cost efficiencies required to move robots from factory, residential, and commercial applications into a vast new landscape bounded only by the imagination. We are hitting a tipping point at which robots … Read more

Singularity in Robotics: What Is It and How Can We Avoid it?

Singularity in robotics can be problematic for programmers and manufacturers alike. We will investigate the cause of singularities and how prevention can be considered in the design of a robot cell.  What is Singularity? A singularity can be thought of as a time or place when the guiding equations used to explain certain processes reach … Read more

Successful Obsolescence Mitigation

Designing an obsolescence mitigation plan to detect and solve mitigation risks before they occur is key to avoiding costly downtime and a potential catastrophe in control environments.  The first step toward creating a substantial obsolescence mitigation plan is to know the lifecycle stage of each of the hardware and software components in an automated system. … Read more

Robots in Quality Control Offer Desirable Benefits

Manufacturers are more commonly using robots in quality control, and for good reason. The benefits are numerous and the results are impressive. Below are some of the advantages these high-tech machines offer. Making measurements more manageable Measurement checks are critical parts of many quality control processes. However, they can become more complex when it involves … Read more

Design Considerations for Kickstarting a Robot

Fritz is an educational robot puppet that achieves an excellent interpretation of human facial expressions using only 13 motions. The device is controlled from a simple interface that allows the user to make changes on their computer screen that control movement in the robot puppet. The designers really thought through their electronics design. See more … Read more

Will the Future Of Robotics Merge to Singularity?

This article presents the future of robotics technology. It describes the singularity concept of robotics, a concept arguing the union of technology with the human body. The article also presents example of robots, such as robots in healthcare industry, agriculture and environment, and the firefighting robot. This article presents the future of robotics technology. It … Read more

How are Robots Used in Dangerous Situations?

Robots is a mechanical agent, it is an electro-mechanical machine which is guided by a computer or by electronic circuit. Robots can be used in many application in industries,military, domestic. For an example let us see tow types of robots used during dangerous situation. Land Mine Sensing Robot How to Sense Land Mine with Robots? … Read more

Robotics Projects for Engineering Students

We are all well known that robotics is one of the best technologies which deals with design, working and applications of Robots, computer systems for their control and information processing. As a result, many people show lot of interest on this technology from engineering level itself. For that reason, here we are listing out some … Read more