Developing window security nodes with level shifting I/O – Part 2

The Part 1 of this two-article series discussed a new peripheral called multi-voltage I/O (MVIO), which is available on the AVR DB family of microcontrollers. In short, the MVIO is an internal level shifter on the die of the microcontroller that allows one I/O port to operate in a different voltage domain than the rest … Read more

RF design collaboration streamlines 5G/6G SoC development

Synopsys offers an RF design reference flow and companion design solutions kit that speed design closure on Samsung Foundry’s 8-nm FinFET process. The 8-nm RF design reference flow, which tightly integrates software from Synopsys and Ansys, enhances time-to-results, quality-of results, and cost-of-results for advanced-node RF designs in 5G/6G applications. Sangyun Kim, corporate vice president of … Read more

RF probe measures high-frequency electrical fields

The HR-E 40-1 passive near-field probe from Langer EMV-Technik measures electrical RF fields up to 40 GHz. Designed to be connected to a spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope, or similar device, the probe performs measurements on conductors, ICs, metallic housings, and RF structures during development. For example, the probe can help in analyzing the harmonics of 5G … Read more

Damp-Oscillation Solution for Validation of the Nanocrystalline Core for Common Mode Choke

This article highlights Bs&T Frankfurt am Main GmbH damping-oscillation soluttion is presented with detailed principle description and technical discussion to address the challenges of nanocrystalline tape wound cores` validation The increasing usage of rectification technology results in a significant increase of mutual electromagnetic interference. Usually RF input chokes, i.e. common mode chokes are used as … Read more

What’s new in Wi-Fi 6E networks? More interference testing

Just like cellular standards, Wi-Fi standards continue to evolve. Wi-Fi 6E is the newest kid on the block. This standard enables wireless Internet of Things (IoT) devices to operate in the unlicensed 6 GHz spectrum to access a lot more bandwidth. But there’s a tricky part: 6 GHz spectrum brings new restrictions to device manufacturers. … Read more

Sierra Wireless readies next-gen 5G modules

Sierra Wireless is now sampling its RF-optimized EM92 series of 5G NR sub-6 GHz mobile broadband embedded modules. This latest edition to the Sierra Wireless lineup will enable the most demanding, business-critical industrial and networking use cases. The company also announced that DISH Wireless has adopted the EM92 series 5G modules to connect to its … Read more

Top Mistakes When Using Models

The basic rule that needs to be stressed is: “MODELS ARE NOT REALITY!” One other assumption that is often forgotten is: “ALL SYSTEMS ARE ASSUMED TO BE LINEAR.” The usage of models has exploded over the past 20+ years. Unfortunately, the rigor of teaching physical and mathematical tools has faded from most “modern” engineering curricula … Read more

Introduction to DSA-815: Part 1

Spectrum analyzers, just like oscilloscopes, are capable of showing the amplitude of a signal but with respect to its frequency. With this, we can get a very good indication of a frequency level and its amplitude relative to its absolute value. This video demonstrates the menus and features of the DSA-815 spectrum analyzer, covering typical … Read more

Measuring VSWR Using DSA-1000

DSA1000 is a series of spectrum analyzer developed by RIGOL Technologies with outstanding notable features and efficiency. The series is proven to be suitable on a wide variety of applications, including measuring VSWR on various components. The purpose of this document is to provide step-by-step instruction on measuring the VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) of … Read more