Soldering Materials for the Next Generation of Power Electronics

This article highlights Tamura Corporation new soldering materials development for jointing technology in response to the requirement of power electronics. The jointing technology required for advanced power electronics requires achieving high reliability, heat resistance etc. Tamura Corporation, a global company in the field of electric and electronic technology, has developed a new jointing material as … Read more

Impact of Cyber-physical Systems on the Energy Transition

Read on to learn more about the impact of cyber-physical systems on the energy transition. The energy transition has resulted in a major shift referred to as decentralization. Instead of central bulk generation of electricity, renewable energy resources allow for local micro-generation, reducing the dependence on a centralized energy system. However, the resulting widespread integration … Read more

DC/DC Converter Applications

Read on to learn more about the applications of DC/DC converters and the pros/cons associated with the same. For several years, switch-mode power converters have been used extensively in modern electronics technology across multiple sectors, including industrial, commercial, utility, and consumer markets. For low-power DC/DC conversion-based applications, most modern power conversion is accomplished using three … Read more

DC-DC Power Converters for Offshore Wind Farm Integration

In the following, an example of a study that has been held in the SuperGrid Institute real-time platform is presented. It deals with Power Hardware In-the-Loop (PHIL) validation of DC-DC power converter for offshore wind energy integration. Real-time simulation gains more and more place in the academic field as well as in the industrial one. … Read more

Drive Safe: Isolated Gate Drivers for High-Power Applications

New technological and market trends are constantly pushing for smaller solutions with higher power capabilities. The advancement of electric vehicles, renewable energy microgrids, massive energy storing, and high-power telecom applications have significantly increased power density requirements. Voltage and power levels that were previously reserved for specific, high-power applications are becoming more and more commonplace in … Read more

DC/DC Converters Optimized for Energy Storage Elements in Smart Grid Solutions

DC/DC converters are a core element in renewable energy production and storage unit management. Putting numerous demands in terms of reliability and safety, their design is a challenging task of fulfilling many competing requirements. In this article, we are on the quest of a solution that combines answers to these questions in one single device. … Read more

Where Renewables, Energy Storage, and Power Grids Stand in the Future of Energy

Renewables, energy storage, and power grids are part of the equation for the future, where green energy will replace the aging electrical infrastructure around the globe. A panel discussion at the PowerUP Expo aimed to get around this highly important and equally vast subject with the help of prominent experts in the power industry. Maurizio … Read more

Can Hydrogen Store Aeolus’s Power?

In the race to reduce carbon emissions and substitute fossil fuels using net-zero technologies, over the last 20 years, many initiatives have taken place all over the world to deploy greener solutions. Though impressive, the acceleration of renewable energy is insufficient to compensate fully for the levels required by our growing society. Energy transition is … Read more

Renewable Storage at the Edge of the Grid

Over the last three years, utility customers have observed or been impacted by weather-related, long term outages that have attracted increasing attention to the concept of reliability and resiliency. The monetary impact of reliability has always been a challenge to quantify for the typical, small end-user; often being thought of simply as inconveniences, rather than … Read more