The Role of Remote Device Management in Edge Computing

Industry 4.0 is the age of data, wherein industries are leveraging the power of data to make intelligent devices that can make complex decisions on their own. The increasing need to make quick decisions in mission-critical applications has made edge computing popular in the industry. Edge computation devices deployed near the place of application are … Read more

Streamlined HMI Is Key to 41-Substation Rollout of SCADA System at Co-Op

One of the largest electric cooperatives nationally, Berryville, Arkansas-based Carroll Electric Cooperative Corporation, faced an ongoing challenge of efficiently managing its large and geographically dispersed network of substations. Without an ability to remotely monitor substation performance or receive notifications from remote equipment, its personnel had to travel to substations for various issues, which delayed response … Read more

Assessing Buzzwords: Digital Transformation

What does “digital transformation” really mean, and what are the technologies involved in the process? Further, which of these technologies are facilities adopting? The computer revolution started with the founding of integrated circuits (IC) in the 1960s. The IC found its way into many industries over the last half-century. Today, there are various computing devices … Read more

Future-proofing and Future Trends in IoT and IIoT

Dive into the importance of future-proofing IoT technologies, and future trends to keep in mind. According to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, “change is the only constant.” This remains true in every field—even millennia after. Though the internet of things (IoT) and industrial IoT (IIoT) are future technologies with great promises, they are also bound to … Read more

How to Use Data to Drive Digital Transformation

As the tangible world can be costly and consumes natural resources, digital transformation is reducing cost and providing more options to consumers. How is data driving digital transformation, and what is to come next in a digital world? This short series covers drivers in digital transformation. Below are links to previous articles in the series. … Read more

Types of Industrial Remote Monitoring Solutions and Processes

Learn about the different types of industrial remote monitoring and some of the various remote monitoring processes used in industry. Communication in today’s world is fast, reliable, and has found its way into many manufacturing fields. One advantage of instantaneous communication is remote monitoring. Remote monitoring can monitor numerous processes such as leaks, maintenance, vibration, … Read more

How Remote Access is Advancing in the Process Industries

Due to the robust nature of process industries, there is a vast amount of data to read. Remote access can help parse data and has many additional benefits in these industries. As the level of automation increases in manufacturing, so does the need and the benefit for remote access of control systems and data. In … Read more