Efficient Power Supplies Cut CO2 Emissions

Worldwide electricity use is responsible for a quarter of all carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. However, by taking simple steps, companies and consumers can cut down the usage of electricity – especially coming from burning coal or gas – to save billions of dollars while reducing millions of tons of CO2 emissions. These changes include replacing … Read more

Some Aspects of AESA Power Supply Management

This article considers several features of AESA power supply systems that are useful for engineers specialized in the development of AESAs and their power supply management. There are many applications, which utilize pulse-type load for power supply units (PSU). Such loads, for example, are transceivers of radars, pulsed amplifiers, high efficiency processor units, ozone generators, … Read more

The Influence of the Operating Temperature on the Service Life and Reliability of Switching Power Supplies

This article highlights EMTRON electronic GmbH contact cooling that heat dissipation must be ensured via suitable heat sinks/housing surface/baseplate. The question of whether to use a transformer power supply or a switch-mode power supply is no longer discussed today. In addition to superior technical properties, switched-mode power supplies impress with low costs, low weight and … Read more

Switch Mode Power Supply Current Sensing

This article discusses the current-mode control that is widely used for switching mode power supplies and gives insights to current sensing methods. Current-mode control is widely used for switching mode power supplies due to its high reliability, simple loop compensation design, and simple and reliable load sharing capability. The current sense signal is an essential … Read more

Technology Trends Raising Power-Conversion Efficiency

This article discusses the advances in superjunction MOSFETs and SiC Rectifiers and how they can improve on-resistance and noise of power supply designs. The latest advances in superjunction MOSFETs and silicon-carbide rectifiers give designers extra freedom to optimise performance and efficiency in cost-sensitive power-conversion applications   Power Supply Design Demands Efficiency Gains and More In … Read more

Why You Should Use Power Stage Designer™ to Start a Power Supply Design

This article highlights Texas Instruments Power Stage Designer as a tool quick assessment values and waveforms for commonly used power-supply topologies. Many electrical engineers have been using Texas Instruments’ free JAVA based Power Stage DesignerTM Tool since 2011 to aid them picking the right components for their switch-mode power-supplies. With the brand new version, Power … Read more

Biricha Lecture Notes on Analog and Digital Power Supply Design Part 2A

This article discusses commonly used compensators in power supplies and explains their circuits, transfer functions, and their poles and zeros. In the previous articles we covered all the basic foundation material needed to understand the fundamentals of power supply compensator design. In this article we will discuss commonly used compensators in power supplies. We will … Read more

High Power Digital Inrush Current Controller

This article highlights IXYS HPDICC that offers flexibility in implementing a unique control algorithm for the development of an efficient power system. Inrush current creates limitations in power supplies and affects reliability due to overstress caused by the huge surge in initial current at power-up. Known solutions to limit inrush current [1], [2] require resistors or … Read more

Simple GPS Disciplined 10MHz Reference uses Dual PWMs

I was recently working on an experiment for a new design and was using a function generator. Although new function generators have pretty good frequency tolerance specs, I needed something with more accuracy and precision. The way to get more accuracy in frequency generators, arbitrary waveform generators, and frequency counters is to use the 10 … Read more