6500 V X-Series High Voltage IGBT Modules

This article introduces Mitsubishi Electric’s 6500V X-Series High Voltage IGBT module for power modules operating at 150ºC junction temperature. The 6500 V X-Series high current IGBT power module breaches the technological barrier for operating at 150 °C junction temperature by employing the 7th Generation IGBT and Diode chip-sets. This could potentially unlock the possibility of … Read more

The Influence of IGBT5 and .XT Technology on the System Power Density illustrated through a Hardware Demonstrator

This article discusses the advantages brought about by IGBT5 and .XT Technology in increasing the power density and lifetime of power modules. At present increase in power density and enhancement of lifetime of the power modules are limited by the chip and inter-connection technologies. ‘IGBT5 and .XT’ technology is based on the idea to develop … Read more

Cool Running, 144W, 4 × 40A μModule POL Regulator

The LTM®4636 is a 40A-capable μModule® regulator featuring 3D packaging technology, or component-on-package (CoP) to keep it cool. In addition to dissipating The LTM®4636 is a 40A-capable μModule® regulator featuring 3D packaging technology, or component-on-package (CoP) to keep it cool. In addition to dissipating heat from the top through the exposed inductor, the LTM4636 efficiently … Read more

Evaluating Silver Sintering as a Reliable Die-Attach Material for Automotive Power Module Applications

This article discusses the benefits of double-sided silver-sintering technology and demonstrate the superiority over conventional solder. The pressure on reliability requirements for high-power components in smaller packages is increasing as the development of electric and hybrid vehicles is evolving, as has the pressure on manufacturers with the environmental requirements to remove lead from electronics such … Read more

7th Generation 1700 V IGBT Modules: Loss Reduction and Excellent System Performance

This article features Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. 7th Generation IGBT Modules with the analysis of IGBT chip and diode chip performances. For power electronic systems like industrial drives and converters for renewable energy applications, the major system requirements are high reliability, high efficiency, high power density, and competitive costs. In order to meet these requirements, … Read more

Enhanced Trench 3300V TSPT+ IGBT Module Brings Highest Current Density and Robustness

This article discusses the Enhanced Trench cell or TSPT+ technology and its features and advantages. With the arrival of the Enhanced Planar (SPT+) IGBT cell technology, ABB set a benchmark in device performance that still today competes with Trench cell IGBTs. Nevertheless, the market continuously demands increased performance. ABB has thus combined the merits of … Read more

Power Modules for Combining Innovation, Flexibility and Power Capability in the Various 3-Level Topologies

This article introduces Mitsubishi Electric Corporation’s new three-level topology power modules with optimized packaging for 3-level inverter designs. Three-level topologies have demonstrated higher efficiencies, filter optimization potential and the capability of handling high DC-link voltages. To maximize the advantages offered by the 3-level topologies, Mitsubishi Electric offers new power modules which unlock the potential to … Read more

LinPak, the Standard Expands to 3300V and Shows Excellent Parallel Operation as well as SiC Readiness

This article presents general module design considerations and first results on switching characteristics of LinPaks in different configurations. The LinPak module newly houses a state of the art low loss 3300V chipset. This means also applications in the medium voltage range will benefit from the record low stray inductance LinPak standard and especially from the … Read more

Advantages of Pre-Applied Thermal Interface Material for Power Modules

This article highlights Vincotech Thermal Interface Material (TIM) family that has a influence on the heat transfer from the power module to the heat sink. There are various interconnection options for all standard power modules—solder or press-fit pins, a selection of pre-applied thermal interface materials, and much more. The latter option, the thermal interface material … Read more