GaN Power ICs Enable the New Revolution in Power Electronics

This article highlights Navitas Semiconductor GaN Power ICs history with power electronics technology development and advantages brought by GaN devices. Forty years ago, in 1977, two major events changed the lives of many engineers: the movie “Star Wars” was released, and there was a revolution in power electronics. By 2017, we have had many Star … Read more

Soldering Materials for the Next Generation of Power Electronics

This article highlights Tamura Corporation new soldering materials development for jointing technology in response to the requirement of power electronics. The jointing technology required for advanced power electronics requires achieving high reliability, heat resistance etc. Tamura Corporation, a global company in the field of electric and electronic technology, has developed a new jointing material as … Read more

The Next Step in the Evolution of Power Electronics: PEN eBook July 2022 – PowerUP

This year’s PowerUP Expo Virtual Conference has seen many speakers talking about wide-bandgap (WBG) semiconductors, energy trends, and low-power aspects. Efficiency is a driving force in all industrial sectors, including consumer. Thanks to their savings in size, weight, and cost, as well as higher efficiency, gallium nitride and silicon carbide power devices are making major … Read more

Optimizing the Thermal Performance of Power Electronics

This article discusses the importance of thermal management and simulation in power electronics systems that demands very high power loads. While designers have always strived for efficiency within the field of power electronics, over the last five years, a combination of budgetary pressures, changing device lifecycles and corporate social responsibilities (CSR) concerns have helped drive … Read more

Magnetics Design Simple or Complex

This article highlights the importance of practical design as well as theory to fully utilize the advantages brought about by magnetics. Magnetics present a very special challenge in the field of power electronics. Inductors and transformers are part of a technology which is almost 200 years old. Practical Design Versus Theory Inductors and transformers are … Read more

Measuring Temperature Swing with Optical Fibers during Power Cycling of Power Components

Power semiconductor components play an important role in the power electronics field and their reliability and lifetime have been attracting more attention recently. The power cycling test method has been widely used to accelerate the degradation of the device and evaluate its reliability and lifetime. This article presents a power cycling setup based on optical … Read more

Pushing the Limits of GaNbased Power Devices and Power Electronics

This article highlights InRel-NPower exploration of the latest GaN, AlGaN, and AlN semiconductor materials for power electronics applications. The InRel-NPower research project reaches for maximum power efficiencies in power electronics’ applications by exploring group III Nitride-basing power devices.  Power electronics demands the highest efficiency for converter and inverter applications. Continuous innovation requires the exploration of … Read more

InDUR Nonlinear and SiFe – Special AC Filter and DC Power Inductors

This article discusses the new applications of the thermally optimized STS InDUR inductors are presented and offers method to optimize the inductance curve. In many power electronics topologies, a certain drop of the choke’s inductance can be accepted at higher current levels which offers the opportunity of smaller passive components. To achieve optimum designs, the … Read more

CIPS 2016 – Power Electronics in Challenging Little Boxes and More

This article discusses methods on solving challenges in power electronics and suggests methods to improve performance of power electronics application. More than 300 engineers and scientists attended the conference. Attendees came from 21 countries in Europe, America and Asia with 22 participants alone from Japan. The 9th International Conference on Integrated Power Electronics Systems (CIPS … Read more

Modular RealTime Development Platform for Power Electronic Systems

This article discusses Modular FPGA Control Platforms and some insights into their algorithms. FPGAs provide impressive computing power, which is increasingly required in power electronic systems. A modular rapid prototyping system based on an FPGA with individual expansion cards is the basis for the implementation of a wide range of high-performance power electronic R&D projects. The … Read more