The Influence of IGBT5 and .XT Technology on the System Power Density illustrated through a Hardware Demonstrator

This article discusses the advantages brought about by IGBT5 and .XT Technology in increasing the power density and lifetime of power modules. At present increase in power density and enhancement of lifetime of the power modules are limited by the chip and inter-connection technologies. ‘IGBT5 and .XT’ technology is based on the idea to develop … Read more

MiniSKiiP: The Power Density Master for Motor Drives

This article features the MiniSKiip series as the power density master for compact motor drives in reducing cost by maximizing output power density. Reducing system cost by maximizing the output power density is one of the major demands on power modules today, especially in cost-sensitive market segments like Motor Drive applications. One key to more … Read more

Rectiverter Creates New Category of Power System

This article discusses the advantages and features of Eltek’s Rectiverter in terms of design simplicity, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. There are many applications in a variety of industries where there are requirements for both AC and DC power systems. Typically, this has meant customers must source separate power systems from different vendors complete with separate back … Read more

Hitachi Suijin Series of Power Modules for Electric Vehicles

Hitachi’s Suijin series of automotive power modules provide a range of high power, high-performance power modules to meet the most demanding automotive Hitachi’s Suijin series of automotive power modules provide a range of high power, high-performance power modules to meet the most demanding automotive applications. Electric vehicles are receiving ever-greater attention from vehicle manufacturers, governments, … Read more

Drive Safe: Isolated Gate Drivers for High-Power Applications

New technological and market trends are constantly pushing for smaller solutions with higher power capabilities. The advancement of electric vehicles, renewable energy microgrids, massive energy storing, and high-power telecom applications have significantly increased power density requirements. Voltage and power levels that were previously reserved for specific, high-power applications are becoming more and more commonplace in … Read more

Increasing Power Density with Dual-Channel Power Modules

The constant push for more component integration and greater power density, on top of demanding project schedules, can leave engineers in difficult situations when designing a system power architecture. Looking specifically at test and measurement or optical module applications, the problem statement is no longer limited to the area (x-axis and y-axis) of the design; … Read more

Increasing Power Density Consider Packaging and Silicon

This article features Nexperia’s LFPAK package family designed to improve power density. Alternately, in server farms where every square meter costs money, commonly we are seeing requests to double the amount of output power in the same power supply housing every 18 months. If discrete semiconductor suppliers are to meet the challenge, they can no … Read more

Challenges and Solutions High Power Density Adapters and Chargers

This article features Infineon USB-PD adapters that supports a wide range of output voltages and power up to 60 W for charging different end applications. The growing popularity of mobile electronic devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, e-book readers, and smartwatches has led to a wide range of different charger/adapter types. In order to … Read more

Solving the Power Density Challenge

This article gives insight on Source-Down packaging technology, a key enabler for delivering the required power density to feed the power-hungry megatrends like artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI), smart cities, and autonomous driving are only a couple of megatrends that impact mankind and transform our way of living. They also pose some tough challenges to … Read more

High Power Density Dual nHPD2 Packaging Generation

This article introduces Hitachi’s nHPD2 and its benefits in terms of market potential, performance, modularity and ease of transition. The challenges of continuous improvement, for ever higher efficiency, reach far and wide within the Power Semiconductor industry – the engine of the modern world striving to achieve a more sustainable future. Semiconductor manufacturers and system … Read more