What CXL 3.0 specification means for data centers

The CXL Consortium has announced the release of the CXL 3.0 specification to add new levels of flexibility and composability in the present and future data centers. CXL 3.0, built on the previous technology, provides a range of advanced features and benefits, including doubling bandwidth with the same latency. It’s backward compatible with CXL 2.0, … Read more

A short primer on PCIe latency and its optimization with retimers

PCIe is one of the most latency-sensitive forms of serial communication because its address-based semantics mean that processor threads are often waiting for the results of a transaction. The advent of PCIe 4.0, and especially of PCI 5.0, have driven the need to use retimers in many longer-reach PCIe applications. This article explores the general … Read more

Broadcom’s VMware bid takes it deeper into cloud software realm

VMware, the cloud computing software outfit led by Intel’s current CEO Pat Gelsinger till a few years ago, is the next acquisition target of Broadcom, known as a highly acquisitive company in the semiconductor industry. At the outset, it seems another bid to align Broadcom to the software side of the rapidly growing data center … Read more

Variable Frequency Drives: Managing Network Outage Responses

Even with the most reliable networks, network outages are inevitable for a host of reasons, and managing these outages in VFD systems becomes critically important. VFDs, or variable frequency drives, are used to control three-phase motors with ease. They are also called variable speed drives or adjustable frequency drives. They have the ability to contribute … Read more

Networks to Converge at 10 Gigabits

Today, general networking, storage networking, and inter-processor communications have each developed different standards. As we move toward a 10 gigabitper- second world, total cost of ownership and interoperability will drive the industry toward a single networking interconnect standard. Networks to Converge at 10 Gigabits: SANs to Seamlessly Connect with LANs and MANs Today, general networking, … Read more

DC-DC Telecom and Networking Solutions

ON Semiconductor provides a wide range of DC-DC solutions for telecom and networking applications. Anyone charged with architecting their system power bussing should be aware of these solutions, and for more information refer to the TND347-D application note from ON Semiconductor. DC-DC Telecom and Networking Solutions Distributed Power Architecture in Telecom / Networking EquipmentON Semiconductor … Read more

How-To: Implementing a Data Highway Plus (DH+) System

Allen Bradley’s Data Highway Plus (DH+) networking ability is still found commonly in interfaces with legacy equipment. Understanding this network structure can bridge the gap between old and new systems. For many years, Allen Bradley has had the Data Highway Plus platform. In this preceding article, we provided an overview of the different types of … Read more

100G QSFP28 SR4 Solution Demonstration

In this video we are demonstrating our latest 100G QSFP28 SR4 solution. It is our new generation of 100G SR transceiver module solution based on the new QSFP28 form factor. The solution supports 100Gbit Ethernet data transmission for modern datacenter and enterprise networking applications. In this video we are demonstrating our latest 100G QSFP28 SR4 … Read more

Wireless Push Notification Contact Closures

Alarm ticking is one of the basic push notification to make our mind wake up from sleep. Then Mobile phones to smartphones were available in the market with good processors which help us to remind almost every important work with combination alarm ticking in it so that we will never skip anything in our busy … Read more