Optimized Sigma-Delta Modulated Current Measurement for Motor Control – Part 2

In Part 2 of the series, a sinc filter structure optimized for synchronization is proposed. The filter improves measurement performance in applications that require tight timing control of the feedback chain. Part 2 then moves on to discuss the implementation of sinc filters using HDL code and how to optimize the filters for FPGA implementation. … Read more

Control software for three-phase BLDC motor drives

Power Integrations has bundled three-phase BLDC control software into its Motor-Expert configuration suite for the BridgeSwitch IC family of half-bridge motor drivers. According to the manufacturer, the hardware-software combination achieves 98.2% efficiency and reduces board space by more than 70%. In addition, just three components are required for current feedback circuity, compared to 30 components … Read more

Inductive position sensor improves EV motor control

Microchip’s LX34070 inductive position sensor aims to replace less accurate magnet-based designs for safety-critical EV motor positioning control. The IC provides differential outputs, fast sample rates, and features that make it functional-safety-ready for ISO 26262 compliance in the Automotive Safety Integrity Level-C (ASIL-C) classification. The LX34070 inductive sensor offers numerous advantages compared to magnetic resolvers … Read more

Team Universidad del Azuay: Electronic Control for a BLCD Mini Car Motor

Editor’s note: Last fall, EEWeb announced its inaugural design contest, sponsored by Arduino and Altium, to develop an imaginative and innovative design project of a motor control system with the Arduino Portenta H7 board. The winners were announced in November and granted the Arduino Portenta H7 board and a license to Altium Designer to complete … Read more

Variable Frequency Drives: Managing Network Outage Responses

Even with the most reliable networks, network outages are inevitable for a host of reasons, and managing these outages in VFD systems becomes critically important. VFDs, or variable frequency drives, are used to control three-phase motors with ease. They are also called variable speed drives or adjustable frequency drives. They have the ability to contribute … Read more

High-Voltage Motor Drive ICs for Smart Appliances

Compact and reliable high-voltage (HV) permanent magnet (PM) or brushless DC (BLDC) motor drives that meet IEC 60335 and 60730 are necessary for a variety of appliance applications, including refrigerator compressors, pumps in dishwashers and washing machines, condenser fans in high-efficiency air conditioners, and range hood and ceiling fans. Designers are under constant pressure to … Read more

Motor Control and Power Efficiency: No Longer One Without the Other

Motor control plays an increasingly strategic role in industrial applications. Energy consumption, however, is becoming a major concern, and developers and component manufacturers are stepping up efforts to optimize the power efficiency, cost, and performance of industrial electric motors. In a panel session on motor control trends and perspectives at the PowerUP Expo, five industry … Read more

Motion Control Devices

Part 1 in a series of articles on motor control design starts with an introduction to motors and controllers. Electric motors consume almost half of the electricity produced worldwide. They, in fact, provide the necessary driving force for much of today’s equipment. Motors, pumps, and fans are present in an ever-wider range of products, from … Read more

Stepper Motors on Precision, Ease and Smart Drivers

This article presents the stepper motors as a technology creation and technology enabler in the modern era of electronic products. It describes the basics of stepper motor, the attributes, the microstepping, which is an enhanced-step technique, as well as the key stepper-motor and driver parameters. This article presents the stepper motors as a technology creation … Read more