Biometric sensor in the Xiaomi Redmi K30 5G smartphone

First to develop fingerprint touch sensors on Android, Fingerprint Cards AB (Fingerprints) announces slim side-mounted fingerprint sensors for borderless and foldable smartphones. After weeks of teasing and speculation, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi Corp. unveiled Tuesday the much-awaited successor to Redmi K20, the Redmi K30 5G smartphone. It is the first one to integrate Fingerprints’s new … Read more

Failed Mobile Power Pack

By Brian Dipert, editor-in-chief at Embedded Vision Alliance and senior analyst at BDTI Back in December 2015, I picked up two iWorld MPT-1200 12,000-mAh portable battery packs, intended for recharging other devices via the power banks’ three USB outputs in combination with not-included charging cables, from Meh for $25 total. The MPT-1200 intended for my … Read more

My analyst series – Qualcomm (QCOM)

Another one on Qualcomm (QCOM) *Lead in mobile integrated chipset and wireless* – Snapdragon series, wireless technology patents/licensing Announced CMOS Power Amplifiers alternative to GaAs PAs for mid-high tiered 3G/4G smartphones *China market focus* – Well positioned to ride on China Mobile’s LTE wave (China Mobile announced spending $6.7b in 4G tech this year) QCOM … Read more

Light Guides and LEDs for Keypad Design

A light guide transmits light with high uniformity and minimal loss from an LED light source to a particular area away from its light source. Light guides are made from optical grade material such as acrylic resin, polycarbonate, epoxies and glass. Innovate Keypad Design With Light Guides and LEDsIntroductionA light guide transmits light with high … Read more

Avago-Vitesse CXP Host Reference Design

The sustained growth in cloud computing, mobile networking and video, remote storage and other bandwidth-intensive services will continuously drive demand for high density 100G/120G connectivity. Equipment vendors must respond to this need with new designs of ever increasing data rates and density with minimum risk and time to market. To facilitate these new designs, Avago … Read more

MPLS-TP – Emerging Technology for Packet Transport Network

With the ever growing demand for bandwidth primarily being driven by the wireless-mobile market, the communication equipment suppliers are on a quest to transform the existing cell-based grid into more scalable and efficient packet-based networks—particularly transport. The legacy TDM (i.e. SONET/SDH) has been known for its reliability and manageability. Introduction With the ever growing demand … Read more

Dawn of a New Day in the Energy Sector

Thanks to the smartphone and high-speed internet access, the world has become a much smaller place. A direct consequence of this global interconnectivity, however, is the exponential growth in energy consumption, which is not only needed to power smartphones and other digital devices, but mobile phone towers also require electricity to broadcast mobile signals in … Read more

CTS Introduces an Ultra-Low Power Shock Resistant OCXO

In a Miniaturized DIL-8 Package CTS Electronic Components, Incorporated announces development of Model 148, oven controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO), which uses the unique SC cut crystal technology to significantly reduce power consumption (0.23W at +25ºC) and allows for additional board space with its miniature-sized package. The ideal applications for this oscillator include airborne and ground … Read more