Power integrity software accelerates semiconductor signoff

Ansys Totem-SC and PathFinder-SC optimize power integrity and ESD reliability signoff, respectively, for automotive and 5G semiconductors. The two cloud-based software tools increase the speed and capacity of existing Totem and PathFinder products by integrating them into the Ansys SeaScape big-data platform for distributed processing. An open and extensible platform for semiconductor multiphysics, SeaScape is … Read more

Silicon Lifecycle Management: Enabling Silicon Visibility Through Intelligent Analysis

Learn about silicon lifecycle management (SLM), what it is, the EDA challenges involved, how it relates to SoC systems, and its overall benefits. Designing and developing semiconductors that make tech innovation possible has been historically challenging. The constant evolution of electronic design automation (EDA) tools and fabrication technologies is driven by an equally growing and … Read more

Torque Monitoring Improves Process and Predictive Maintenance Strategies

The importance of torque measurement in manufacturing environments is a new concept to some, but an everyday essential to others. Realizing the enormous cost benefits of measuring torque in rotating systems is sometimes not recognized by those tasked with improving profitability. The challenge is to be able to monitor and measure torque as accurately, unobtrusively, … Read more

Diode Polarity Marking

A recent forum post reminded me of a common issue we see here at Screaming Circuits – ambiguous diode polarity marking. To start with, some diode manufactures mess with our heads where polarity marking is concerned. I’ve run across nearly identical LEDs, from the same manufacturer, where the same polarity marking was used as a … Read more

Which Alloys Are the Most Beneficial in Electronics Manufacturing?

Succeeding in electronics manufacturing requires understanding how to make the respective components as resilient as possible during their intended uses. Often, that means using alloys in the design and creation of these products. Alloys are metallic substances typically comprised of two or more metals, although they sometimes contain nonmetals. The traditional process involves melting the … Read more

The Future of CNC Machining

Manufacturing has come a long way since the days of the Industrial Revolution, when workers toiled in factories full of heavy, dirty, dangerous machines. The latest, and arguably the most exciting, development in the industry is the arrival of computer numerical control machining. Manufacturing has come a long way since the days of the Industrial … Read more

5G Is Coming, PCB Industry Face New Opportunities And Challenges

A new generation of wireless mobile communication networks, 5G, is expected due to its leading role in the interconnection between the Internet of Things. The commercial use of 5G will bring unlimited market opportunities to upstream and downstream industries. The PCB not only provides electrical connections for electronic components, but also carries digital and analog … Read more