Simple, high accuracy/precision/resolution frequency counter

In my previous design idea, a design for a simple GPS disciplined oscillator (GPSDO) 10 MHz reference was presented. A note at the end of that article describes the realization that a frequency counter could be derived by simple changes to the circuit. This article follows up by presenting a simple circuit for a frequency … Read more

Simple GPS Disciplined 10MHz Reference uses Dual PWMs

I was recently working on an experiment for a new design and was using a function generator. Although new function generators have pretty good frequency tolerance specs, I needed something with more accuracy and precision. The way to get more accuracy in frequency generators, arbitrary waveform generators, and frequency counters is to use the 10 … Read more

Creating smart brightness-controlled lamp with a motion sensor

This article aims to demonstrate the design of a smart brightness-controlled lamp with a motion sensor using a programmable mixed-signal matrix with four outputs, operating voltage up to 13.2 V, and 2 A current per output. The system is created using high voltage macrocells and other internal and external components within the chip to interact … Read more

Pros and cons of integrated-controls luminaires

Luminaire-level lighting controls or integrated-controls luminaires are terms referring to LED luminaires that include integrated sensors and controllers.   These products present an alternative to traditional wall or ceiling-mounted sensor installations.   Integrated controls are possible because of both the rapid and continuing trend towards miniaturization and the standardization of interface and form factors, making it relatively … Read more

Global shutter image sensor enables driver monitoring in vehicles

Delivering the right balance of cost, high-quality imaging, and features, OmniVision Technologies Inc. touts its new OV9284 1-megapixel (MP) global shutter image sensor that enables in-cabin camera modules in mainstream passenger vehicles, which will require smaller and lower-cost driver state monitoring (DSM) and passenger-monitoring cameras. Although currently available only in high-end cars, DSM will move … Read more

Exar Introduces New Programmable High Brightness LED Driver

XRP7613 Thermal Current Fold-back Improves Reliability in LED Lighting Fixtures PR Newswire FREMONT, Calif., Nov. 27, 2012 FREMONT, Calif. , Nov. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Exar Corporation (Nasdaq: EXAR) a leading supplier of high performance analog mixed-signal components and data management solutions today introduced the XRP7613, a programmable high current, high brightness LED Driver.  Capable of … Read more

Charge a nickel-cadmium cell reliably and inexpensively

Click here to download a PDF Rechargeable NiCd (nickel-cadmium)cells are widely used inconsumer devices because of their highenergy density, long life, and small self-dischargerate. As a part of one project,I needed to design a reliable and inexpensivecharger for a battery pack containingtwo NiCd AA-size 1200-mAhcells. In the process of the charger design,I needed to solve … Read more

Power Tip #7: Efficiently Driving LED’s Offline

While we may be years away from a viable screw-in LED replacement for an incandescent bulb, there is a growing movement to use LEDs in architectural lighting due to their improved reliability and potential energy savings. As is the case with most electronics, a power supply will be needed to convert input power to a … Read more