A Guide to Power Conversion Topology for Automotive LED Drivers

Unlike traditional electrical light-producing filament or gas components, LEDs can produce specific colors of light spanning the entire visible range, as well as IR and UV. Their use in automotive applications increases the safety in both daytime and nighttime driving scenarios, and their increased efficiency can extend battery life in electric vehicles. Multiple LEDs in … Read more

An Introduction to Current Sources

Current sources are less familiar than voltage sources like batteries and AC wall power. Current sources usually are buried, unseen, inside electronic circuitry. Learn what they are and how they are designed. Most of us understand voltage sources. Whether you plug only one device or several devices into your wall outlets, the voltage stays the … Read more

The FPD-enabled ultrasound ready to serve mid-air haptics

A new piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasound Transducer (pMUT) array now claims to serve large panels and displays for mid-air applications such as haptics after ultrasound transducers being successfully employed for in-body imaging applications. According to imec, the new pMUT array is compatible with flat panel display (FPD) process technologies and can serve large-area sensor surfaces. The … Read more

Improved comparators distinguish between A = B = 0 and A = B = 1 states to enable better designs

Traditional digital comparator ICs are electronic analogs of mechanical lever scales. Like their mechanical counterparts, they compare two logical signals and produce an output (typically a voltage level) indicating the relationship of the inputs, i.e., A > B, A < B, and in some cases, A = B. Wow the engineering world with your unique … Read more

Apple’s (first) fall 2022 announcement event: half-steps provide only prior-gen augment (vs fuller advancement)

Even before Tim Cook and other Apple execs hit the stage this Wednesday (quick aside: Apple events are normally on Tuesdays; I assume the reschedule this time was due to Labor Day proximity, but I have no idea why they held the event so early this month this year), the media was already damping the … Read more

Simple, high accuracy/precision/resolution frequency counter

In my previous design idea, a design for a simple GPS disciplined oscillator (GPSDO) 10 MHz reference was presented. A note at the end of that article describes the realization that a frequency counter could be derived by simple changes to the circuit. This article follows up by presenting a simple circuit for a frequency … Read more

Simple GPS Disciplined 10MHz Reference uses Dual PWMs

I was recently working on an experiment for a new design and was using a function generator. Although new function generators have pretty good frequency tolerance specs, I needed something with more accuracy and precision. The way to get more accuracy in frequency generators, arbitrary waveform generators, and frequency counters is to use the 10 … Read more