Cloud Computing and the Industrial Internet of Things

Over the last decade, cloud service providers have improved technology, particularly data security and integrity. These remain the top concern of many manufacturing businesses, but as improvements are rolled out, more and more companies are adopting cloud solutions.  What is Cloud Computing? The cloud is a collection of servers that enable access to software and … Read more

SoC FPGA for RISC-V enters mass production

Microchip announced production qualification of its PolarFire MPFS250T SoC FPGA supporting the royalty-free RISC-V open standard ISA. Volume production of the MPFS250T, which provides 254,000 logic elements, extends the PolarFire portfolio of multi-core RISC-V SoC FPGAs, delivering an even smaller thermal footprint for low-power smart embedded vision applications. It can also be used in automotive, … Read more

IoT sensor platform heightens situational awareness

Flowfinity’s IoT sensor integration capabilities help utilities and enterprises achieve situational awareness to avoid downtime and service disruptions. Customers can leverage the Flowfinity platform to configure and install IoT devices that will gather the operational information needed to make informed decisions. Sensors pick up temperature, power consumption, water flow, liquid levels, vibration, and other relevant … Read more

Building Value Proposition from Edge Sensor Data for Enterprises

Industry 4.0 has significantly increased the amount of autonomous machinery needed in an industrial setup. These machines with human-like thinking capabilities are expected to revolutionize the industry with utmost efficiency and precision of operation. The industrial automation ecosystem incorporates several edge sensors, which collect the environmental and surrounding signals and send them to edge data … Read more

Sleeping with the Google nest hub

Back in October 2020, EDN published my teardown of Google’s then-named Home Hub smart speaker and display, originally introduced two years earlier and subsequently renamed the first-generation Google Nest Hub. The second-generation iteration of the concept, unveiled in March 2021, notably added support for Project Soli, a low-power “miniature radar” also found in Google’s soon-obsolete … Read more

AI tools effectively run in an endpoint vibration sensor

SensiML announced that its customer, aiSensing, successfully deployed an endpoint AI-based vibration sensor for a large multinational manufacturer in Asia. Developed using the SensiML Analytics Toolkit, the intelligent endpoint monitors vibration patterns for multiple machines, detects potential anomalies, and issues maintenance requests when necessary. The system not only reduced equipment downtime, but also increased overall … Read more

The AI-centric microcontrollers eye the new era of edge computing

Microcontrollers have dramatically evolved over the past years, and edge computing is at the heart of this MCU evolution. That’s what Ron Martino, executive VP and general manager of edge processing at NXP Semiconductors calls a new era of edge computing. “As we approach the milestone of 75 billion connected devices, we need to address … Read more

Why has Nordic Semi acquired an embedded memory supplier?

Memory has become an increasingly vital ingredient of the ultra-low-power Internet of Things (IoT) chip designs, and that’s apparent from Nordic Semiconductor’s acquisition of low-voltage embedded SRAM supplier Mobile Semiconductor. It’s a privately-held U.S. company specializing in embedded memory technology for microcontrollers and system-on-chips (SoCs). It’s important to note that Nordic has been working with … Read more

System-Simulation for Virtual Power Modules

This article highlights the importance of simulation in designing and optimization of power modules and its advantages over conventional evaluation. Designing, dimensioning and optimization of power modules and its management is a complex task. Electronic designers of power modules are focused today on targets like: cost reduction, increase of power density, increase of product reliability and reduction … Read more