Wireless Communication Advances Drive Sensor Deployment

Sensing technologies have made rapid inroads in industrial and commercial deployments. Their penetration in Industry 4.0 in the past few decades is spurred by data-driven operations in the manufacturing industry. In the industrial internet of things, wireless sensors are poised to change from niche to mainstream, driven by strides in communication technologies and decline in … Read more

How will Emerging Technologies Drive the Future of Connectivity for Embedded IoT?

Automation has forced every industry to adopt smart sensors and devices that can map analog data into digital form for better monitoring and controlling real-world parameters. Because these devices are Embedded in nature ie. they are connected to the internet, the data produced by these smart devices can be easily accessed all around the globe. … Read more

Optimizing Power Management in IoT Battery Devices

With the increased use of internet-of-things devices in industrial equipment, home automation, and medical applications comes increasing pressure for optimized power management — whether through decreased size, better efficiency, improved current consumption, or faster charging times — in a small-form factor that does not negatively impact thermals nor interfere with the wireless communication implemented by … Read more

Put Your City on the Map with Smart IoT Solutions

The oldest recorded civilization dates back to about 7500 B.C., on the Fertile Crescent between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in a land called Mesopotamia. Centuries later, more cities were built around the world and have become the center of trade, religion, culture, and education. However, the sheer scale of urban settlements today only became … Read more

New Connectivity Trends: Q & A with Semtech

The market is currently witnessing an increased demand for intelligent, scalable and cost-effective global asset tracking solutions. This demand is accelerated by the urgency to improve end-to-end supply chain performance, visibility and customer services. Long range, low power and easy-to-deploy IoT geolocation solutions connected to the Cloud enable ultra-low power asset management platforms to automatically … Read more

Best Way to Twist Electric Wires Together

Most amateurs and hobbyists use a twist-and-fold technique, but the Western Union Splice is mechanically stronger and results in a lower profile. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I never fail to be amazed by the way in which one thing leads to another. For example, I just heard from a company … Read more

Unreliable Mobile Coverage Poses Serious Operational and Safety Concerns in Smart Construction and Industry 4.0

For an industry that accounts for 6% GDP worldwide, construction players have been slower than most to embrace the internet of things. However, the rising impact of construction technologies has opened new doors for digital transformation across the sector and is changing the face of the industry. As such, demand for embedded tech, automated access … Read more

Smart Buildings Are More Than Energy Management

The pandemic has brought much more consideration and discussion on how we can be smarter about socializing and collaborating safely in indoor spaces, such as offices, factories, and shops. What is a smart building? The buildings in which we work need to evolve as our priorities, needs, and relationships change. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems, … Read more