IIoT: The Post-Modern Tech That Will Help Manufacturing Grow

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is transforming industrial practices all over the globe. It is helping businesses to harness new technologies to increase productivity, manage their infrastructure and better meet strategic goals. It’s being used to help manufacturing plants grow, revolutionize agricultural practices, streamline supply chains and radically change how we approach business. (Source: … Read more

2022 Achievements Pave the Way for an IoT 2023

November’s release of the Connectivity Standards Alliance’s (CSA) Matter 1.0 standard was both a tremendous achievement and an exciting inflection point. To date, smart-home devices haven’t always been able to communicate with each other, and smart homes haven’t always been easy to set up and manage. Building smart-home products has been difficult because the market … Read more

Industry 4.0: Taking Connectivity into Hyperdrive

The internet has provided the platform for a new generation of business models. Tech giants such as Uber, Deliveroo and Air BnB have disrupted the market by reshaping production, consumption, transportation and delivery systems. Age-old institutions such as governments, healthcare and transportation have had digital overhauls; forced into change from the digital world. On the … Read more

IoT’s Heyday Is Here and It’s Running on 4G Networks

The internet of things, from a top-level standpoint, refers to a network of physical devices, such as embedded sensors, driverless vehicles, smartphones/tablets, wearables, or home appliances, that create and share information wirelessly without any human involvement. And although the IoT is very much in vogue right now, it is a technological capability that has been … Read more

Major Shortcoming in Digital Production Lines Without 5G PMNs

The digitization of manufacturing and processes in production lines is driving demand for embeddable tech, self-guiding vehicles, connected conveyor belts and intelligent machines capable of performing complicated tasks with little to no human intervention. No longer the stuff of science fiction, these autonomous systems are already showing their true worth in supply chain and logistics. … Read more

New Technologies to Prevent Crumbling Infrastructure

Predictive maintenance employs sensors and software systems to perform automatic data analysis to pinpoint where problems are most likely to occur. There’s a good reason why so many pundits, politicians, and policy experts inevitably refer to the current state of our public works as “crumbling infrastructure.” It’s due to an ongoing lack of planning and … Read more

How the IoT is Making Heavy Equipment Safer and More Efficient

Heavy equipment represents a large list of heavy vehicles, engineering equipment, and bulky industrial machinery. Things or characteristics that one would expect from heavy equipment are oversized dimensions, long life expectancy, and improved equipment performance, as these machines are a fundamental part of the workflow process in many industries. Safety and efficiency are the key … Read more

The Need for Scalability in Industrial IoT Gateways

With the rapid advancements in the various facets of Information Technology, there has been an immense growth in the field of the Internet of Things with an increasing focus on Industrial IoT. With this in mind, there is no time to design a gateway for each solution. Therefore, there needs to exist scalable computing on … Read more