SoC FPGA for RISC-V enters mass production

Microchip announced production qualification of its PolarFire MPFS250T SoC FPGA supporting the royalty-free RISC-V open standard ISA. Volume production of the MPFS250T, which provides 254,000 logic elements, extends the PolarFire portfolio of multi-core RISC-V SoC FPGAs, delivering an even smaller thermal footprint for low-power smart embedded vision applications. It can also be used in automotive, … Read more

Modern Water Treatment Techniques

Industrial water treatment is necessary to produce clean water, a resource that’s both essential for life and a key ingredient in products ranging from textiles to pharmaceuticals. Modern industrial water treatment facilities, in practice, speed up natural processes that purify water. These facilities may prepare water for consumption, manufacturing purposes, or even safe disposal. To … Read more

5G sub-6 GHz smart module includes AI for the edge

A 5G sub-6 GHz smart module, the SG560D from Quectel, integrates a powerful CPU and GPU to meet edge computing requirements in multiple AIoT applications. The Android module offers high data rates and computing capabilities for such applications as in-vehicle infotainment, industrial handheld devices, smart gateways, and industrial cameras. The SG560D is powered by a … Read more

Partnership accelerates power system design

Analog Devices, in collaboration with Synopsys, will provide power-device model libraries for the Synopsys SaberRD system simulation tool. The addition of ADI’s component models, including DC/DC ICs and µModule regulators, enables comprehensive power-management modeling for automotive, aerospace, and industrial applications. Using SaberRD, powertrain designers for such products as EVs, avionic machines, instrumentation, and supercomputers can … Read more

RD: Liquid-Level Control and Delivery System

This reference design describes a cost-effective, low-power liquid-level measurement data acquisition system (DAS) that use a compensated silicon pressure sensor and a high-precision delta-sigma ADC. The document explains how to implement a design that measures and distributes most industrial liquids using a noncontact measurement approach. Liquid-Level Control and Delivery System Uses a Compensated Silicon Pressure … Read more

Uptime Protects the Bottom Line

Abstract: This tutorial examines various considerations to increase uptime and how they impact the bottom line. These include approaches to maintenance in industrial facilities, such as factories, commercial facilities, power plants, or other installations where the proper maintenance approach can prevent catastrophic failures. However, maintaining the bottom line requires more. One must also consider reliability, … Read more

Isolated Industrial Octal Digital Input Translator/Serializer

Abstract: This document explains how the Corona (MAXREFDES12#) subsystem reference design provides a compact and simple isolated digital input interface for industrial control and automation applications. Hardware and firmware design files are provided. Abstract: This document explains how the Corona (MAXREFDES12#) subsystem reference design provides a compact and simple isolated digital input interface for industrial … Read more

Correcting Tolerances in Industrial Equipment Design

This tutorial discusses how the proper design of trim, adjustment, and calibration circuits can correct system tolerances, making industrial equipment safer, more accurate, and more affordable. Calibration subjects addressed include compensating for component tolerances, using final-test calibration, improving reliability through power-on self-test and continuous/periodic calibration, enabling accurate automated adjustments, replacing mechanical trims with all-electronic equivalents, … Read more

Fiber versus Copper Links

Industrial environments are particularly challenging for data communications network designs for a variety of reasons. Typically rife with electromagnetic interference (EMI), unless every precaution is taken, these extremely noisy environments can wreak havoc on process control, automation feedback monitoring and data networks built with twisted pair copper links. These environments also introduce the potential for … Read more