How Health Care Evolves Amidst Technology Disruptions

In recent years, health care has shifted away from traditional approaches to innovative and efficient technologically driven approaches. New and upcoming innovations in technologies support autonomous care at home, reducing costs and saving time. Stakeholders and many of the experts give optimistic feedback on the possible outcomes of using technological innovations in treating patients and … Read more

Blockchain Brings New Opportunities to Health Care

Blockchain technology is currently working toward creating value in health care. Over the years, the global population has realized that in order to deliver outstanding health-care services, it takes immense security, privacy, and protection of data between various systems. Therefore, with such dramatic acceleration of blockchain technology and its potential use beyond anything seen in … Read more

The Changing Face of the Health-Care Sector

The health-care sector is changing in more ways than one. The integration of the internet of things has paved the way to maximize the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and saving or accessing big data. With the use of technological features, the health-care sector is not only promising quick, precise, and accurate treatments … Read more

Electrical Engineering’s Role in Improving Health Care

The intersection of engineering and health-care innovation is helping to improve the lives of many people around the world When thinking about innovators in the world of health care, electrical engineers may not be the first group of people to pop into your brain. However, while you might think that the two fields rarely overlap, … Read more

Why the digital transformation of healthcare needs to accelerate

In a perfect world, healthcare would have undergone a full-scale digital transformation. Technology readily available today, such as smartphone apps, teleconsultations, electronic records, wearable tech and artificial intelligence (AI), would combine to enable effective and efficient coordination of healthcare resources, even when faced with a global pandemic. Global healthcare’s biggest test As has been well-publicized, … Read more