Some Aspects of AESA Power Supply Management

This article considers several features of AESA power supply systems that are useful for engineers specialized in the development of AESAs and their power supply management. There are many applications, which utilize pulse-type load for power supply units (PSU). Such loads, for example, are transceivers of radars, pulsed amplifiers, high efficiency processor units, ozone generators, … Read more

Trends in Electromagnetic Component Design: Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate Magnetic Technology

This article describes the advancements on the electromagnetic components’ designs, analysis, simulations, cores and wires Electronic transformers, inductors and magnetic materials are ubiquitous in many applications, from power adapters, laptops & mobile devices, automobile electronics, LED lighting, medical electronics, industrial control, security systems, photovoltaic inverters, automobile charging stakes, UPS power sources, and digital audio equipment. … Read more

Higher Performance Powder Cores by Improving Green Density Envelopment

The magnetic powder cores based on atomized Fe-Si-Al particles were widely used in inductors due to their low core loss, high performance in DC-Bias, and so on. However, the Fe-Si-Al particles are too hard as steel balls to be molded with high green density body. Adding organic additives into powders could improve mold method and … Read more