Improving the Charging Technology for Electric Vehicles

This article discusses the concept of universal inductive energy transmission and its possible applications and implications. With the development of a universal inductive charging system, Finepower GmbH near Munich underpins its leading position in power electronics and battery charging. After numerous developments of off- and onboard chargers in the fields of industry and electric mobility, … Read more

Designing Electronics to Pass the EMC Test Part 1

In Part 1, a systematic approach to minimize conducted emissions. Every engineer should aim to design electronics to pass the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) test the first time. However, that is easier said than done. Passing this test the first time is only possible if you understand how EMC testing is performed by an EMC house … Read more

Automotive EMC-Compliant Reverse-Battery Protection with Ideal-Diode Controllers

Given the emergence of new trends in automotive electronics such as autonomous driving and car infotainment systems, system designers are facing new challenges when designing automotive front-end power systems. Discrete reverse-battery protection solutions like Schottky diodes and P-channel field-effect transistors (FETs) are no longer a viable solution for the 100- to 1,000-W power levels required … Read more

Why You Should Consider EMC Compliance and EMI Countermeasures Early in Your Design

Learn a little history of EMC compliance, some EMI theory, and some common EMI countermeasures. Learn a little history of EMC compliance, some EMI theory, and some common EMI countermeasures. History of EMI Compliance It was 1938 when a critical moment occurred in the history of American EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) compliance testing: the FCC (Federal … Read more

Understanding Electromagnetic Compatibility Tests: Conducted EMC

This article is the first in a two-part series that reviews the basics of electromagnetic compatibility tests. First, we’ll focus on a main category of EMC tests—conducted EMC—and the relevant test setup. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is a system's ability to work properly without disturbing other equipment or being disturbed by any other equipment. This is … Read more