Understanding XML and Data Exchange Formats for Industrial Settings

The basic component of data exchange between devices, machines, and embedded systems serves as a hallmark foundation in every organization’s Industry 4.0 implementation process. Where does a data exchange format fit in Industry 4.0 exactly? Why should we care about how data flows through the industrial control network? These are some questions that may come … Read more

The Role of Remote Device Management in Edge Computing

Industry 4.0 is the age of data, wherein industries are leveraging the power of data to make intelligent devices that can make complex decisions on their own. The increasing need to make quick decisions in mission-critical applications has made edge computing popular in the industry. Edge computation devices deployed near the place of application are … Read more

Overcome Smart Home Technology Limits Using Sensors and Edge Computing

Designing smart home devices involves numerous challenges. In this article, learn the important limitations of today’s smart home technologies and how sensor fusion helps smooth the way. A smart home system can include devices related to security, kitchen appliances, lighting, entertainment, and heating/cooling. As the technology for smart homes has advanced, engineers must develop more … Read more

How will Emerging Technologies Drive the Future of Connectivity for Embedded IoT?

Automation has forced every industry to adopt smart sensors and devices that can map analog data into digital form for better monitoring and controlling real-world parameters. Because these devices are Embedded in nature ie. they are connected to the internet, the data produced by these smart devices can be easily accessed all around the globe. … Read more

Introduction to Servers for Industrial Applications

Servers are vital to the flow of information in and around organizations, acting as a hub for information transfer and storage. Learn about the role of servers in industry and the potential challenges that come with maintaining them. If you are the consumer of information, you may not pay much attention to servers, networks, and … Read more

Private 5G Network will help to build an Industrial Automation Ecosystem

Automation and fast data transfer are essential for industrial manufacturing, which uses complex and advanced procedures. Despite the speed of 5G networks, security is still a very difficult issue to solve. Private networks are less vulnerable to cyberattacks and have higher overall network efficiency thanks to the usage of discrete licensed frequencies. More businesses will … Read more

Considerations for Choosing Edge ML Application Hardware

As edge machine learning (ML) applications keep growing, EEs need to understand ML at the edge, especially concerning processing and processing hardware. With the increased proliferation of edge machine learning technology, it is necessary for engineers to understand what ML at the edge is and how different types of hardware are suitable for its various … Read more

Building Value Proposition from Edge Sensor Data for Enterprises

Industry 4.0 has significantly increased the amount of autonomous machinery needed in an industrial setup. These machines with human-like thinking capabilities are expected to revolutionize the industry with utmost efficiency and precision of operation. The industrial automation ecosystem incorporates several edge sensors, which collect the environmental and surrounding signals and send them to edge data … Read more

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence Into Your Maintenance Program

Understand the practical steps you might take to integrate artificial intelligence with your maintenance program and access the benefits of PdM. If you haven't read an article lately that touts the benefits that predictive maintenance (PdM) will bring to your business, you haven't spent much time online. While it's true that predictive maintenance offers efficiency … Read more