Supercharging Edge AI Applications with NVIDIA Jetson

Developing autonomous systems is one of our most complex AI challenges. These complex systems require multiple levels of specialized processing or dedicated processing capabilities to meet the application performance and power requirements. The NVIDIA Jetson platform for robotics and edge AI provides developers with an array of processing blocks combined with software flexibility, designed specifically … Read more

Building Value Proposition from Edge Sensor Data for Enterprises

Industry 4.0 has significantly increased the amount of autonomous machinery needed in an industrial setup. These machines with human-like thinking capabilities are expected to revolutionize the industry with utmost efficiency and precision of operation. The industrial automation ecosystem incorporates several edge sensors, which collect the environmental and surrounding signals and send them to edge data … Read more

EDGE ML/AI Devices in Next-Gen Enterprises

The growing necessity for visual control in many business cases becomes an opportunity to enter computer vision (CV) systems in technological processes. The main requirements are: automatic control; decision-making speed; simple set up; pricing of use per device. Based on these market requirements, the DANNIE group believes that, in the coming years, the demand for … Read more

Smart AI Assistants are the Real Enabler for Edge AI

AI at the edge will reduce overwhelming volumes of data to useful and relevant information on which we can act. A recent McKinsey report projects that by 2025, the CAGR for silicon containing AI functionality will be 5× that for non-AI silicon. Sure, AI is starting small, but that’s a pretty fast ramp. McKinsey also … Read more