Digital Electronics Course – Part 8: integrated circuits for digital electronics

In the early digital era, logic gates were made exclusively of transistors and discrete components. The obvious occupation of a large space and increased heat dissipation pushed technology to encapsulate circuits in compact integrated circuits to hold hundreds or thousands of logic circuits. This article discusses the most important ones, with some practical uses. Introduction … Read more

Digital Electronics Course – Part 6: The other logic gates

The previous article examined the concept of logic gates. They can be made from discrete and active electronic components, although today logic gates are available within integrated circuits. In this article, however, other logic gates are examined. By appropriately combining multiple logic gates, it is possible to build compound logic systems with even more important … Read more

Digital Electronics Course – Part 5: Logic gates

The previous article discussed the concept of logic propositions and how they can be used to create fundamental electronic circuits. In this article, another important aspect of digital electronics will be explored, namely that involving logic gates. The different types of logic gates available and how they work will be discussed. This will be an … Read more

Digital Electronics Course: Part 3 – Numbering Systems

Numbering systems are sets of symbols used to represent numbers and values. It has methods and rules for counting and performing many mathematical operations. In Part 3 of our Digital Electronics Course, we will delve into this very concept, as it underlies all methodologies applied to digital electronics. Positional numbering systems Performing arithmetic and mathematical … Read more

Digital and analog design flows receive TSMC certification

TSMC has certified the Cadence digital and custom/analog design flows for its N4P and N3E process technologies. These design flows support TSMC’s latest Design Rule Manual (DRM) and FINFLEX technology. Through continued collaborations, the two companies have delivered the corresponding N4P and N3E process design kits (PDKs) to accelerate advanced-node mobile, automotive, AI, and hyperscale … Read more

Digital Electronics Course — Part 1: Binary Logic and Signals

Today, we are surrounded by digital electronics. Devices that work with analog electronics are very rare. Computers, telephones, cameras, CD players, printers, radios, and TVs all operate with digital technology. We hear about digital electronics every day, but few people probably really know its meaning and function. There are several definitions to describe it. Digital … Read more