Fulfilling the Trends in Data Centers and Server SMPS via Packaging and Thermal Solutions

The emergence of cloud-based internet services, artificial intelligence, and cryptocurrency has initiated a strong growth of processing power in data centers worldwide. In combination with rising electricity and real estate prices, this trend creates a clear need for highly efficient and compact server power supplies and server SMPS applications. To achieve the required higher power … Read more

REDEXPERT EMI Filter Designer Tool Simplifies EMC Filter Design

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) compliance is often the last hurdle that an electronic device has to overcome in the development process. It is not rare at all for circuit-specific and layout-specific changes to be required in the process. These then extend the product development cycle and increase costs. For this reason, Würth Elektronik now offers the … Read more

Trends in Electromagnetic Component Design: Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate Magnetic Technology

This article describes the advancements on the electromagnetic components’ designs, analysis, simulations, cores and wires Electronic transformers, inductors and magnetic materials are ubiquitous in many applications, from power adapters, laptops & mobile devices, automobile electronics, LED lighting, medical electronics, industrial control, security systems, photovoltaic inverters, automobile charging stakes, UPS power sources, and digital audio equipment. … Read more

Top Mistakes When Using Models

The basic rule that needs to be stressed is: “MODELS ARE NOT REALITY!” One other assumption that is often forgotten is: “ALL SYSTEMS ARE ASSUMED TO BE LINEAR.” The usage of models has exploded over the past 20+ years. Unfortunately, the rigor of teaching physical and mathematical tools has faded from most “modern” engineering curricula … Read more

QFN Chips Bad Soldering Analysis and Solution

QFN bad soldering is often happening in SMT assemble, consider from many aspects, such as pad design, PCB storage, chip control and management, solder paste management and use, furnace temperature control, etc. PCBA Project Vehicle Oil Control Tracking System Usage Vehicle fuel usage tracking and information prompts Failure Produce After SMT Assembling, the PCB board … Read more

All Storage Products Not Engineered Equally: Advanced Storage Options

In today’s complex storage world, engineers and OEM designers are constantly challenged when evaluating storage solutions on which to build their products. Storage products in the same industry-standard form factor from various suppliers may have similar sounding names, such as “industrial-grade” or “enterprise-class,” and may even have similar looking datasheet specifications, In today’s complex storage … Read more

Temperature to Frequency Conversion Using GreenPAK

Temperature sensors are one of the most important kinds of physical sensors because many different processes (in everyday life as well) are regulated by temperature. Besides, the temperature measurement allows indirect determination of other physical parameters, such as matter flow rate, fluid level, etc. Typically, sensors convert the measured physical value into an analog signal, … Read more