PCB Layout Challenges—Improve Your Switched-mode Power Supply Designs

Switched-mode power supplies (SMPS) appear simple to route on your PCB, but are they? This article identifies two noise sources and simple fixes to improve your EMC performance. Chip manufacturers often try to make it incredibly simple for designers and hobbyists to implement most SMPS using modern web applications or even power design software. Backing up … Read more

Power Supply chain edgy amid pandemic

Amid Covid-19 Corona Virus pandemic, many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have changed their business focus to fight the virus and improve human conditions. The creation of new products, aimed at solving or reducing the problems deriving from the pandemic has, in some cases, seen supply chain challenges when sourcing reliable and safe power supplies. The … Read more

Using Digital Controllers to Design a Multi-Phase Buck Converter

Server and computer system architecture has increased in tandem with power delivery (PD) requirements in recent decades. This complicates regulator design since it necessitates a compromise between improved efficiency and fast dynamic response, as well as between lower power loss and the size of the MOSFETs. Power supply for servers must have high current, low … Read more

B&K Precision grows line of DC power supplies

Three new base models join B&K Precision’s XLN series of programmable DC power supplies, offering output voltages of 150 V, 300 V, and 600 V and up to 1560 W of power from a single output. Housed in a 1U rack-mount package, the power supplies are suitable for high-voltage ATE systems integration, product design and … Read more

Measurements and limits of conducted EMI

We will stick to the conventional descriptions and definitions, before we talk about the differences that arise when applying these concepts to power conversion. Conducted emissions fall into two basic categories: Differential mode (DM), also called symmetric mode or normal mode Common mode (CM), also called asymmetric mode or ground leakage mode. Looking at Figure … Read more

DC supplies help lower cost/watt

The Model 9103 and Model 9104 multiple-range DC power supplies from B&K Precision can replace several fixed-output power supplies on the test bench by offering extended operating areas. Each compact supply delivers up to 320 W of output power in any voltage/current combination within its rated voltage and current limits—42 V, 20 A for the … Read more

DC supplies perform solar-array simulation

Housed in a compact 2U form factor, three high-power programmable DC power supplies from B&K Precision deliver output power of up to 5.1 kW and provide a built-in solar-array simulator function to generate photovoltaic I-V curves. The PVS10005 (5000W), PVS60085 (5100 W), and PVS60085MR (3000 W) are especially suited for high-voltage testing up to 1000 … Read more

NASA interview with Terry Fong: Intelligent Robotics Group

So, I found out recently that “number 5 IS alive!”, except in the new millennium, it’s K10! Figure 1: The K10 robot is a member of a series of interplanetary rovers (Image courtesy of NASA IRG) I recently spoke to Terry Fong, Director of Intelligent Robotics Group and project manager of NASA Human Exploration Telerobotics. … Read more

DC supply offers flexible voltage and current control

Expanding the Sorensen XPF60-20 series of dual-output DC power supplies, Ametek Programmable Power has added a single-output version that provides up to 60 V and 20 A within its 420-W power envelope—all in a ¼ rack, 3U-high unit suitable for bench use or rack mounting. Three variants of the single-output model are available: the XPF60-20S … Read more

Coming up short

Before becoming an engineer, I worked as a calibration technician for a company that made high-voltage power supplies. The work included frequent repairs to test equipment accidentally exposed to high voltage and calibrating, repairing, and modifying the test equipment used to manufacture our products. The equipment included anything from custom test consoles to standard electronic … Read more