5G phased array development platform

Avnet and Fujikura have collaborated on a 5G FR2 phased array antenna development platform for mmWave frequency bands. The platform allows engineers to develop and prototype 5G mmWave systems based on the AMD-Xilinx Zyng UltraScale+ RFSoC Gen3 device and Fujikura’s FutureAccess phased array antenna module (PAAM). Avnet’s RFSoC Explorer software, a native MATLAB application, is … Read more

Dual N-channel JFET lowers noise in precision instrumentation and sensors

The LS844 monolithic dual N-channel JFET from Linear Systems provides low input capacitance, substantially reducing intermodulation distortion. Targeting precision instrumentation and sensor applications, the LS844 offers a combination of high transconductance, low noise of 2.5 nV/√Hz typical at 1 kHz, and low input capacitance of just 3 pF typical and 8 pF maximum. Constructed by … Read more

N-channel trench MOSFETs eases thermal management for wearables

With their low on-resistance, Nexperia’s 12-V and 30-V N-channel trench MOSFETs minimize energy losses and increase efficiency. The 30-V PMCB60XN and PMCB60XNE come in ultra-compact wafer-level DSN1006 (SOT8026) packages, while the 12-V PMCA14UN is housed in a DSN1010 (SOT8007) package. Nexperia reports that the MOSFETs’ RDS(on) is up to 25% better than competing devices. Simplified … Read more

650V GaN FET resides in surface-mount package

Extending Transphorm’s SuperGaN FET portfolio to higher power systems, the TP65H050G4BS is a 650-V, 50-mΩ device housed in a TO-263 (D2PAK) package. Engineers can use the TP65H050G4BS where higher power and surface-mount packaging are required, enabling better thermal performance than PQFN type packages. It also increases the efficiency of PCB assembly through the use of … Read more

CMOS image sensor boasts dual speed streaming

Sony’s IMX675 CMOS image sensor simultaneously outputs full-pixel captured images at 40 fps, as well as high-speed regions of interest. The 5.12-Mpixel, 1/2.8-in. (6.53-mm diagonal) sensor is the first from Sony leveraging dual speed streaming technology. Aimed at security applications, the IMX675 allows a single camera to not only provide comprehensive images of scenes, but … Read more

AmberSemi puts AC sensing in silicon chip

The AC Direct Sensing engine from AmberSemi is a predictive analysis and sensing software engine in a semiconductor architecture. By essentially digitizing electricity, it enables real-time and continuous sensing and detection, sampling over 4000 times per second, 64 times per sine wave cycle. AC Direct Sensing detects transient events, such as inductive kickback, overcurrent, overvoltage, … Read more

IGBT module tackles photovoltaic applications

Mitsubishi announced the development of a new version of its 2.0-kV IGBT module in an LV100 package intended specifically for photovoltaic applications. The power module, which fills the gap between 1.7 kV and 3.3 kV, enables product designers to reduce the number of power-conversion inverters, as well as overall power consumption, in photovoltaic equipment used … Read more

Ultra-low power memory targets the metaverse

sureCore, an embedded IP specialist, reports that its ultra-low power memory designs need up to 50% less power than standard off-the-shelf memory. The company’s memory technologies reduce both dynamic and static power across a range of devices and aim to improve wearable metaverse hardware. sureCore offers a variety of power-optimized standard products that deliver market-leading … Read more

UWB sensor touts power-saving interactivity

Novelda’s ultra-wideband (UWB) proximity sensor can wake up a device when a person approaches and turn it off once the person leaves the detection zone. When used in smart home appliances, tablets, or vending machines, the context-aware sensor can extend LCD screen life from 2 to 10 years. It also increases interactivity and gives devices … Read more

Automotive electronics vs Minnesota winters

Electronic goodies are rated for service over specific ranges of temperature. I recently came across some temperature range tabulations as shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 Temperature ranges and commonalities. Nomenclature alone isn’t enough of a guide due to the name commonalities, but there is one aspect of the temperature limits that merits the telling … Read more