Protocol analyzer software enables USB4 pre-silicon verification

SimPASS USB, a software option for the Teledyne LeCroy Voyager M4x protocol analyzer, lets engineers view USB4 80-Gbps simulation output. Compliant with the USB4 80-Gbps specification, SimPASS USB addresses the pre-silicon simulation and design verification phases of development. According to the manufacturer, users of cutting-edge simulation tools can generate SimPASS-compatible export files and view these … Read more

LTE-M/NB-IoT combo device supports massive IoT deployments

Co-developed by Sequans and Skyworks, the SKY66431 tiny system-in-package enables LTE-M and NB-IoT connectivity for 5G massive IoT deployments. Housed in an 8.8×11.3×1.585-mm BGA package, the SKY66431 teams a 23-dBm RF front end from Skyworks with Sequans’ Monarch 2 LTE-M and NB-IoT modem operating in the 699-MHz to 2200-MHz frequency range. In addition, the device … Read more

The Shannon decoder: A (much) faster alternative to the PWM DAC

Readers will recognize the famous name Claude Elwood Shannon, widely renowned as the “father of information theory” and originator of many discoveries and inventions. Among these is an elegant and pioneering (First published in 1948!) design idea for a DAC called the Shannon Decoder (SD) sketched in Figure 1 (illustration modified from the Data Conversion … Read more

PCIe 3.0 packet switch allows flexible port configuration

The PI7C9X3G1224GP PCIe 3.0 packet switch from Diodes accommodates 24 lanes of Gen3 SerDes in 3-port to 12-port configurations. For fan-out purposes, any port of the packet switch can be configured as upstream and connected to multiple downstream ports. Host-to-host communication is possible through cross-domain end-point configuration of up to three dedicated ports. Suitable for … Read more

Jitter attenuators furnish up to 18 clock outputs

Skyworks’ Si536x series of jitter attenuators meets the timing requirements of high-speed 5G networks supporting AI and edge computing. Offering ultra-low phase jitter of less than 55 fs typical, the devices supply up to 18 outputs with any input to any combination of output frequencies up to 2.75 GHz. A wide range of selectable output … Read more

LTE Cat-M1 wireless module is NB-IoT-capable

The RYZ024A wireless module from Renesas supports Cat-M1 and Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) internet connectivity without the need for a gateway. Further, the RYZ024A consumes just 1 µA in power-saving mode, significantly less than competing products according to the manufacturer. While Cat-M1 and NB-IoT are both Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technologies, NB-IoT uses only … Read more

When less is more: Introducing 5G RedCap

An exciting new feature has emerged in the third release of the 3rd generation partnership project (3GPP) 5G standard–Release 17. RedCap, short for reduced capability, will enable many use cases that only require medium throughput and latency (think IoT).  While many IoT applications have lower capacity and latency requirements, they have more stringent cost and … Read more

Radar transceiver empowers automotive ADAS

A high-definition radar transceiver, the RAA270205 from Renesas meets the demands of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) applications. With four transmit and four receive channels, the part supports up to 16 MIMO channels for high angular accuracy and operates over a frequency band of 76 GHz to 81 GHz. The RAA270205 … Read more

Prying open a dashcam GPS antenna

After having torn down and subsequently successfully reassembled two Aukey dashcams, the DRA1 and (more recently) DRA5, I had two options for what to do with them: donate them or keep them (I guess I could also “sell them”, but that’d really stretch the meaning of “open box”, wouldn’t it?). So far, I’ve kept them. … Read more

Matter-enabled SDKs work with wireless MCUs for smart IoT

TI has launched Matter-enabled software development kits (SDKs) for Wi-Fi and Thread running on the company’s SimpleLink wireless MCUs. TI aims to unify fragmented IoT ecosystems and streamline the adoption of the Matter open-source protocol in IoT applications. Engineers can use the development kits and the CC3235SF (Wi-Fi) and CC2652R7 (Thread) wireless MCUs to create … Read more