U.S. Chip Giant Intel Might Expand to Veneto, Italy

The American microcontroller industry giant frequently launches substantial investment campaigns to increase its chip production across the globe. This is also the case for Veneto, the Italian region chosen for an unprecedented massive project. It is the settlement of Intel in Italy, for a very delicate and important commercial deal, which aims to counter the … Read more

3D Bond Wire Modelling and Electro-Magnetic Simulation Accelerates IGBT Module Development

This article introduces software MFis Wire and its advantages in significantly shortening time for creating complex 3D geometry models of bond wire layouts. Raffael Schnell and Samuel Hartmann are co-authors of this article originally published in Bodo’s Power Systems magazine. Speeding up the electromagnetic module design for maximum Chip performance utilization and highest robustness with the latest … Read more

QFN Chips Bad Soldering Analysis and Solution

QFN bad soldering is often happening in SMT assemble, consider from many aspects, such as pad design, PCB storage, chip control and management, solder paste management and use, furnace temperature control, etc. PCBA Project Vehicle Oil Control Tracking System Usage Vehicle fuel usage tracking and information prompts Failure Produce After SMT Assembling, the PCB board … Read more

Automotive PMICs from Cypress Offer Benefits in Every Detail

When talking about the rise of new technologies, it’s definitely no question that the automotive market is of major interest in the industry. With a revolution of alternative energy and power efficiency progressing at lightning speed through the automotive world, the possibilities for new power management technologies seem boundless. Cypress Semiconductor, a leading solution provider … Read more

Internet of Things (IoT) and the opportunities for chip biz

There has been a lot of talk on Internet of Things (IoT) or Machine2Machine (M2M) communications – which basically is an intelligent grid of devices connected to each other through the internet. Chips are embedded in the devices enabling them to relay information, take decisions, communicate commands and adjust settings/implement a requisite action(s) accordingly. As … Read more

Qualcomm and Internet of Things (IoT)

So, is connectivity to internet necessary for all smart connected devices/applications? A lot depends on the application; for example in a multiplayer gaming app with players physically in the same room, a peer-to-peer network without connecting to the net can do. Qualcomm’s AllJoyn software and FlashLinq are a good fit in this space. AllJoyn debuted … Read more

IC Packages: Not Just for Christmas

The IC is a small piece of silicon that needs to be protected from and interfaced to the outside world. This is the role of the package. The package not only protects the semiconductor from mechanical stresses but also from the environmental stresses, keeping it out of the elements and away from potentially corrosive or … Read more