Solving EV System Design Challenges in Today’s Evolving Market

In a dynamic and rapidly evolving EV market, system designers need to keep up with industry-wide trends. Today, the automotive industry is undergoing a revolution unlike any in its history. Marked by the large-scale and rapid transition towards electric vehicles (EVs), today’s automotive sector is rife with innovation and change. As EVs become the new … Read more

LPDDR Flash: Enabling Automotive Electrical and Electronic (E/E) Architectures

As vehicles shift to being autonomous and fully connected, automotive E/E architectures are transforming to meet these evolving requirements. Engineers are working to strike the right balance between domain and zonal architectures to handle the increasing complexity of modern vehicles while meeting efficiency and performance goals. As processors move to advanced technology nodes to support … Read more

Efficiency in EV charging is crucial for worldwide electrification

It’s critical to minimize on-road charging periods and increase driver convenience for EVs to be efficient. Range anxiety can be lessened and the desire for electric car use can be increased globally with the planning of the charging infrastructure. The network for charging electric vehicles must be quick, affordable, secure, strong, trustworthy, and adaptable. In … Read more

The importance of semiconductors for the development of the latest generation vehicles

Electronics development, which is the heart of electronics, is where the majority of advancements in the automobile sector occur. The electrification of modern automobiles, which are currently mobile computers on wheels with hundreds of electronic control units (ECUs) inside, depends heavily on semiconductors. The brains of the car, including the brakes, radars, and parking cameras, … Read more

PowerUP Expo 2023 – The Agenda

The PowerUP Expo is a three-day virtual conference and exhibition on power electronics, held June 27–29, 2023. With an exhibition area, live stage and messaging center, the PowerUP Expo functions similarly to a live exhibition and conference. This technical conference will include several sessions, including keynotes, panel discussions, technical presentations and tutorials on various subjects, including significant … Read more

The Limitless Opportunities and Rapid Momentum of RISC-V

The technology driving our world today is increasingly complex. From the latest flashy AI technology like ChatGPT to autonomous cars and satellite launches to the innovations behind our everyday devices like smartphones. With this growing complexity comes a need for more customization in silicon solutions and clean, modern architectural foundations. RISC-V is driving this new … Read more

The Rise of MRAM in the Automotive Market

Automobiles are moving toward electrification and automation at a rapid pace. According to a report from BloombergNEF, the total value of passenger electric vehicles sold has now surpassed $1 trillion. A 2021 McKinsey report forecasts the automotive semiconductor market growing from approximately $47 billion in 2021 to $147 billion in 2030, when the total semiconductor … Read more

GaN HEMT Circuit Topologies for High-resolution LiDAR

Learn about gallium-nitride (GaN) high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) and how they can be used in LiDAR (light detection and ranging) applications. LiDAR is based on the principle of estimating distance by shining a beam of light on an object and accurately measuring the reflected time of flight. By sweeping the emitted light across a … Read more

Advanced Solutions for Driving and Protecting Power Switches

Today, new power switch technologies are being widely adopted in demanding applications in which high power density, high switching frequency, and small form factor are critical requirements. The three key applications in which these new switch devices make a difference are: Automotive (traction inverters, DC/DC converters, and on-board chargers) Industrial/motor control (point-of-load supplies, uninterruptible power … Read more