Precision synchronous detection amplifier facilitates low voltage measurements

This design idea presents a practical circuit that implements synchronous detection to amplify small DC voltages with high linearity and excellent noise immunity. Such circuits are required in measurements involving current shunts, load cells, thermocouples, etc. Synchronous detection is explained in many books, papers and instrument manuals. If you are not familiar with the topic, … Read more

How to design a battery management system

Battery-powered applications have become commonplace over the last decade, and such devices require a certain level of protection to ensure safe usage. The battery management system (BMS) monitors the battery and possible fault conditions, preventing the battery from situations in which it can degrade, fade in capacity, or even potentially harm the user or surrounding … Read more

UWB sensor touts power-saving interactivity

Novelda’s ultra-wideband (UWB) proximity sensor can wake up a device when a person approaches and turn it off once the person leaves the detection zone. When used in smart home appliances, tablets, or vending machines, the context-aware sensor can extend LCD screen life from 2 to 10 years. It also increases interactivity and gives devices … Read more

Inductive position sensor improves EV motor control

Microchip’s LX34070 inductive position sensor aims to replace less accurate magnet-based designs for safety-critical EV motor positioning control. The IC provides differential outputs, fast sample rates, and features that make it functional-safety-ready for ISO 26262 compliance in the Automotive Safety Integrity Level-C (ASIL-C) classification. The LX34070 inductive sensor offers numerous advantages compared to magnetic resolvers … Read more

LSI communication device implements HD-PLC 4

Socionext is sampling its SC11320A, an LSI chip that embeds an HD-PLC 4 IP core compliant with the IEEE 1901-2020 standard for broadband over power line networks. The SC11320A enables the implementation of the 4th-generation High Definition Power Line Communication (HD-PLC) specification while consuming just 200 mW of power. With Panasonic’s HD-PLC 4 IP core, … Read more

Implementing load-line control for a multi-phase buck converter

With the proliferation of 5G networks, cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT) and virtualization, IT infrastructure is driving the demand for high-performance computing servers. Each new server generation requires higher computing power and efficiency, while also increasing power requirements. One of the key aspects in ensuring that servers meet market demands is to understand the … Read more

The basics of testing op amps, part 1: Circuits test key op-amp parameters

This article is part of a series. See also: Part 2, Test op amps for input bias currentPart 3, Configurable circuit tests op ampsPart 4, Testing op amps requires stable test loops A version of Part 1 appeared in the Dec. 2011/Jan. 2012 issue of Test & Measurement World . See the PDF. In January … Read more

Video: Tear down that Prius!

Click here to see a sped-up video of a Toyota Prius being torn down in one minute. The electronic innards were exposed at the recent Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose in a series of presentations by David Carey of Portelligent and Al Steier of Munro and Associates . Their findings were since cataloged in … Read more

Circuit provides more accurate multiplication

Common analog multiplyingdevices employ methods usingtransistor parameters. Precise versionsof these devices use the logarithm methodof multiplication. This methodinvolves the addition of logarithms andan exponential conversion (Reference1). Using these methods, you canachieve a minimal error of ±0.1%. ThisDesign Idea reduces the error, employsreadily available standard components,and maintains the correct voltage scale. The structure squares the sum … Read more

Use air-core-coil resistance to estimate inductance

This Design Idea shows how tocalculate the inductance of amultilayer air-core coil using only itsdimensions and resistance. If you knowthe dimensions and the number of turnson an air-core coil, you can easily calculatethe inductance. With the dimensionsin millimeters, the inductance, L,in microhenries is a function of thesquare of the turns, as the followingequation shows: L=0.008×D2 … Read more