EM simulator broadens antenna capabilities

The updated schematic editor within Remcom’s XFdtd 3D EM simulation software now supports diplex matched antennas. It also features new efficiencies to streamline antenna design workflows and shorten design cycles. XFdtd’s schematic editor combines matching network analysis with full-wave results. This makes the simulation tool well-suited for complex antenna designs involving multi-state and multi-port aperture … Read more

Elegant Circuits: Simple Chaotic Oscillators (Book review)

Chaos Theory has been an important pursuit of physicists and mathematicians since it was brought to the forefront as a distinct phenomenon in the early 1960s. This early exposition got the attention of the scientific community by—in the best tradition of the scientific method—displaying experimental results that did not comport with theory. Mathematicians had various … Read more

IoT sensor platform heightens situational awareness

Flowfinity’s IoT sensor integration capabilities help utilities and enterprises achieve situational awareness to avoid downtime and service disruptions. Customers can leverage the Flowfinity platform to configure and install IoT devices that will gather the operational information needed to make informed decisions. Sensors pick up temperature, power consumption, water flow, liquid levels, vibration, and other relevant … Read more

Precision synchronous detection amplifier facilitates low voltage measurements

This design idea presents a practical circuit that implements synchronous detection to amplify small DC voltages with high linearity and excellent noise immunity. Such circuits are required in measurements involving current shunts, load cells, thermocouples, etc. Synchronous detection is explained in many books, papers and instrument manuals. If you are not familiar with the topic, … Read more

2D LiDAR sensor increases detection coverage

With a 360° field of view and up to 16 evaluation fields, Quanergy’s M1 Edge PoE LiDAR sensor offers smart awareness for object detection and alerting. The 2D sensor is capable of detecting objects at up to 200 meters at 80% reflectivity and an angular resolution of 0.033°. According to the company, the sensor can … Read more

Dual N-channel JFET lowers noise in precision instrumentation and sensors

The LS844 monolithic dual N-channel JFET from Linear Systems provides low input capacitance, substantially reducing intermodulation distortion. Targeting precision instrumentation and sensor applications, the LS844 offers a combination of high transconductance, low noise of 2.5 nV/√Hz typical at 1 kHz, and low input capacitance of just 3 pF typical and 8 pF maximum. Constructed by … Read more

How to design a battery management system

Battery-powered applications have become commonplace over the last decade, and such devices require a certain level of protection to ensure safe usage. The battery management system (BMS) monitors the battery and possible fault conditions, preventing the battery from situations in which it can degrade, fade in capacity, or even potentially harm the user or surrounding … Read more

Don’t rely on the automatic settings of your SPICE simulator

A lot of things happen automatically all around us. Even our own breathing and heart rate are automatic. Still, trusting in the automatic can be a mistake sometimes and the following is a simple case in point. That SPICE simulator you’ve been using is one pretty spiffy little tool, isn’t it? All kinds of analytic … Read more

New VFC uses flip-flops as high speed, precision analog switches

Voltage to frequency converters (VFCs) are a popular method of noise-tolerant analog to digital conversion. Synchronous VFCs (like the Analog Devices AD652) in which an external, usually crystal-derived, clock provides timing for the conversion process, have significant performance advantages (speed, linearity, precision independent of passive components) over the free-running type in which conversion timing must … Read more

650V GaN FET resides in surface-mount package

Extending Transphorm’s SuperGaN FET portfolio to higher power systems, the TP65H050G4BS is a 650-V, 50-mΩ device housed in a TO-263 (D2PAK) package. Engineers can use the TP65H050G4BS where higher power and surface-mount packaging are required, enabling better thermal performance than PQFN type packages. It also increases the efficiency of PCB assembly through the use of … Read more