EM simulator broadens antenna capabilities

The updated schematic editor within Remcom’s XFdtd 3D EM simulation software now supports diplex matched antennas. It also features new efficiencies to streamline antenna design workflows and shorten design cycles. XFdtd’s schematic editor combines matching network analysis with full-wave results. This makes the simulation tool well-suited for complex antenna designs involving multi-state and multi-port aperture … Read more

Xiaomi taps Keysight to accelerate 5G device validation

Xiaomi has selected Keysight’s 5G device test platform to validate its smartphones in accordance with 5G Release 16 specifications. The world’s third largest smartphone vendor measured by units shipped, Xiaomi chose Keysight 5G test cases to capture early revenue associated with 3GPP Release 16 opportunities. Keysight’s collaborations with major 5G modem platform vendors enable Xiaomi … Read more

Fast, high-capacity, and endurant MRAM for space applications

Real-time as well as store and forward on-board processing applications are increasingly requiring large amounts of fast, non-volatile memory. While space-grade NAND flash offers gigabit (Gb) and terabit (Tb) storage capacity, its speed, endurance, data retention together with the management of erroneous bits limits its use to missions with specific lifetimes and operational duty cycles. … Read more

5G phased array development platform

Avnet and Fujikura have collaborated on a 5G FR2 phased array antenna development platform for mmWave frequency bands. The platform allows engineers to develop and prototype 5G mmWave systems based on the AMD-Xilinx Zyng UltraScale+ RFSoC Gen3 device and Fujikura’s FutureAccess phased array antenna module (PAAM). Avnet’s RFSoC Explorer software, a native MATLAB application, is … Read more

IoT sensor platform heightens situational awareness

Flowfinity’s IoT sensor integration capabilities help utilities and enterprises achieve situational awareness to avoid downtime and service disruptions. Customers can leverage the Flowfinity platform to configure and install IoT devices that will gather the operational information needed to make informed decisions. Sensors pick up temperature, power consumption, water flow, liquid levels, vibration, and other relevant … Read more

DPU storage accelerator handles 200 Gbps

Panther III, a DPU storage accelerator from MaxLinear, brings 200-Gbps throughput with ultra-low latency to enterprise and hyperscale data centers. With its 16-nm DPU architecture, Panther III also provides 12:1 data reduction, encryption, deduplication, and data protection. MaxLinear believes the Panther III will open new opportunities within the storage market, including all-flash-array and non-volatile memory … Read more

Spectrum analyzer displays Wi-Fi 6/6E activity

WiPry Clarity from Oscium is a tri-band Wi-Fi spectrum analyzer that lets you view wireless activity on Wi-Fi 6/6E, as well as legacy Wi-Fi bands. Using the free Windows or Mac software, the tool displays the invisible wireless landscape to find interference that negatively impacts network performance. It exposes dead spaces, pinpoints sources of interference, … Read more

5G O-RAN test suite moves to the cloud

Keysight’s Open Radio Access Network Architect (KORA) test software is now available in the cloud for improved flexibility and rapid deployment. The company also announced that its LoadCore software for testing 5G Core (5GC) can now be purchased as a metered, pay-as-you-go product through Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. The KORA suite verifies the functionality … Read more

Sleeping with the Google nest hub

Back in October 2020, EDN published my teardown of Google’s then-named Home Hub smart speaker and display, originally introduced two years earlier and subsequently renamed the first-generation Google Nest Hub. The second-generation iteration of the concept, unveiled in March 2021, notably added support for Project Soli, a low-power “miniature radar” also found in Google’s soon-obsolete … Read more

Test and measurement companies join forces to address PCIe 6.0

Anritsu, in collaboration with Tektronix, demonstrated a PCIe 6.0 base specification test system at last month’s PCI-SIG Developers Conference. The test setup teamed Anritsu’s MP1900A signal quality analyzer with a DPO70000SX real-time oscilloscope from Tektronix and silicon-proven Synopsys PCIe 6.0 IP. PCIe 6.0 employs forward error correction (FEC) as a key technology to ensure the … Read more