Preventing Failures in High-Temperature Manufacturing Processes

Any machine can become a source of elevated temperature, even under regular operation. We cannot assume that temperature problems occur only based on climate conditions, and mitigation steps must be employed. In a previous article, we discussed different issues automated systems experience when operating under high temperatures. This article will discuss various industry diagnostics and … Read more

I/O Module Debate: Digital Output or Relay Output?

When selecting the right module for the right load, be sure to understand how the load resistance will affect the voltage and current of the output module terminals. It should be simple. Input device information comes into an input module on a controller, and output modules send signals to output devices from the controller. But … Read more

Cloud Computing and the Industrial Internet of Things

Over the last decade, cloud service providers have improved technology, particularly data security and integrity. These remain the top concern of many manufacturing businesses, but as improvements are rolled out, more and more companies are adopting cloud solutions.  What is Cloud Computing? The cloud is a collection of servers that enable access to software and … Read more

Automation on the Move: Mobile Robot Cells

Mobile robot work cells can move between workstations and tend to where demand is highest. These self-contained work cells offer more flexibility for manufacturers than industrial and collaborative robot cells we have previously talked about.  See our previous articles covering robot work cells: Industrial Robot Cells: Designing for Safety and Effectiveness Collaborative Robot Cells: Simple … Read more

Understanding PLC Program Commands: Up and Down Counters

Counting up and down are commonly required functions in PLC lagger logic programs for tracking inventories, placement patterns, and gaining informational insights about machine performance statistics. Register for Control Automation Day 2022 (June 21st) and learn from industry experts at Rockwell Automation to gain crucial insight about when to consider upgrading an automation system, and how to avoid the … Read more

Advanced Scaling Techniques for PLC Analog Quantities

Configuring analog signals into usable digital quantities is accomplished by scaling function inside the PLC, which, along with analog signal wiring, is important to understand. In a previous article, we covered the need for analog signal scaling for many natural quantities like sound, light, and temperature. The process involves establishing a relationship between a physical … Read more

Recreating PLC Ladder Logic in an Arduino C/C++ IDE

​​​​​​​Arduinos have been a staple in the community of makers, students, and project innovators for many years. For many using Arduino’s IDE, there can be difficulties in translating between PLC ladder rungs and text programming. Arduinos have been a staple in the community of makers, students, and project innovators for many years. For many using … Read more

The Importance of Collecting and Using Maintenance Data

Learn about how a CMMS helps maintenance teams increase the quality of decisions and improve efficiency by providing timely access to maintenance data that is current, accurate, and complete.  The quality and value of a decision depend on the quality of the data on which it is based. As in any other aspect of maintenance … Read more