Introduction to Photoelectric Sensors

This article covers the principles of operations and different types of photoelectric sensors used in industrial automation. Industrial sensors are key elements present in almost every modern automated system. Sensors are interfaces between the physical and digital worlds. They capture valuable information used as feedback to the control system. Sensors can be classified based on … Read more

Introduction to Smart Sensors

Smart sensors differ from traditional sensors in that they offer benefits such as self-diagnostics, simplified wiring and communication, and more efficient remote monitoring. What are Smart Sensors? Smart sensors sense physical phenomena, convert them into another form—usually in electronic signals—and process the data collected. This feature relieves the external controller or programmable logic controller (PLC) in executing … Read more

Alternative Devices for Measuring Fluid Volume

Flow totalizers, flow sensors, and flow meters are popular devices for measuring flow. However, this article discusses alternative methods, such as ultrasonic level detection and resistive tape. Flow Totalizer, Flow Sensor, and Flow Meter Measuring the amount of fluid in a vessel can be done in many ways.  In this article, I show nontraditional ways … Read more