Developing window security nodes with level shifting I/O – Part 2

The Part 1 of this two-article series discussed a new peripheral called multi-voltage I/O (MVIO), which is available on the AVR DB family of microcontrollers. In short, the MVIO is an internal level shifter on the die of the microcontroller that allows one I/O port to operate in a different voltage domain than the rest … Read more

The design blueprint of a battery-powered smart alarm system

The reference design for a battery-powered smart alarm system (SAS) employs artificial intelligence (AI)-based sensor fusion algorithm that complements acoustic event detection (AED) processing with a wake detection engine. This reference design solution unveiled by Infineon Technology comprises the following major building blocks: A high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) analog MEMS microphone A digital pressure sensor … Read more

Current sensing considerations in a bridgeless totem pole PFC

Two of the top considerations in data center and server power-supply unit (PSU) designs are power density and efficiency. Meeting the strictest efficiency standard—80 Plus Titanium—is now a minimum requirement for next-generation data center and server PSUs. The 80 Plus Titanium requires over 96% end-to-end peak efficiency, which means that the power factor correction (PFC) … Read more

Handheld analyzers simplify radar field testing

A pulse-measurement option for Agilent’s FieldFox RF and microwave analyzers allows maintenance crews in the field to characterize radar signal quality and obtain all key performance indicators with a single push of a button. Option 330 teams with Agilent U202X peak-power sensors, available in 18-GHz and 40-GHz models, to verify and measure radar pulse characteristics, … Read more

Slideshow: Amazing remote sensing-based scientific applications

From saving millions of animals from scientific experiments annually to wearable sensors on elephant seals, remote sensing applications are rapidly evolving to provide an amazing amount of useful data in a fraction of the time and sometimes expense. Here are remote-sensing applications and the tools that are used. <span style ="color: windowtext;" Animal Experiments and … Read more

Capacitive sensing–integrating multiple interfaces – Part II

In Part 1 of this article series we looked at the basics of capacitive touch sensing and how to integrate feedback mechanisms. We also discussed how to overcome typical challenges faced during the integration. In Part II, we’ll see how capacitive sensing can be used in applications beyond touch sensing and discuss two classic applications, … Read more

Programmable hall switch extends flexibility of detection circuit designs

Diodes Incorporated has introduced a programmable omnipolar Hall effect switch enabling designers to use the same contactless detection circuit in multiple applications or with different field strengths. The miniature and micropower AH1898 is suitable for numerous portable consumer applications including cell phones, tablets and cameras as well as a variety of domestic, office and industrial … Read more

1080p60 sensor-to-processor chip reduces video system size and power consumption

Texas Instruments has introduced the industry’s first image sensor receiver IC to serve as a dedicated LVDS bridge between image sensors and processors. Compared to existing FPGA-based solutions, the SN65LVDS324 lowers the bill-of-materials (BOM) by 20 percent, reduces system power consumption by more than 10 percent and shrinks package size by 50 percent. It provides … Read more

Circuit synchronizes sensors and cameras

 View as PDF Measurement systems often usecameras and other sensors thatrequire synchronization. This DesignIdea describes an aerial-photographysystem that uses a camera comprisingCCD (charge-coupled-device) imagesensors, an inertial-measurement unit,and a GPS (global-positioning-system)unit. The resulting circuits provide triggersignals to synchronize the measurementsat the optimal rate. The GPSprovides information on spatial location,and the inertial-measurement unitprovides information on spatial azimuth.The … Read more

Fail-safe Power Supervision in Mission-Critical Systems

Power supervision plays a critical role in mission-critical communication systems such as routers, switches, storage systems and servers.Due to the continued expansion of the Internet, global IP traffic has increased eightfold over the past 5 years1 .Despite significant advances in processing power and speeds in communication systems to keep up with this expansion, relatively few … Read more