The Role of Remote Device Management in Edge Computing

Industry 4.0 is the age of data, wherein industries are leveraging the power of data to make intelligent devices that can make complex decisions on their own. The increasing need to make quick decisions in mission-critical applications has made edge computing popular in the industry. Edge computation devices deployed near the place of application are … Read more

Vision-Guided Robots’ Role in Smart Factory Automation

Industry 3.0 replaced the human workforce doing repetitive tasks with robots that perform the same tasks with utmost accuracy without getting tired at any point in time. This advancement increased the output of factories by folds, helping them to make huge profits by reaping the benefits of economies of scale. But consumers today demand more … Read more

Supercharging Edge AI Applications with NVIDIA Jetson

Developing autonomous systems is one of our most complex AI challenges. These complex systems require multiple levels of specialized processing or dedicated processing capabilities to meet the application performance and power requirements. The NVIDIA Jetson platform for robotics and edge AI provides developers with an array of processing blocks combined with software flexibility, designed specifically … Read more

IIoT: The Post-Modern Tech That Will Help Manufacturing Grow

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is transforming industrial practices all over the globe. It is helping businesses to harness new technologies to increase productivity, manage their infrastructure and better meet strategic goals. It’s being used to help manufacturing plants grow, revolutionize agricultural practices, streamline supply chains and radically change how we approach business. (Source: … Read more

An electronic project for Arduino with ChatGPT

ChatGPT, a language model trained by OpenAI, can be used to generate projects for Arduino. Arduino is an open-source development platform that allows users to create interactive projects with sensors, actuators, and control devices. In order to integrate both platforms, you need to provide the model with information about the desired project, such as the … Read more

Slashing Power Consumption with More Informative Energy Bills

Over the last few years, wholesale gas prices have increased by a factor of 14 and electricity prices by a factor of 8. Increasing demand, limited supplies, a shortage of storage space and the conflict in Ukraine mean energy prices are still skyrocketing and bills are causing real angst for households and businesses alike. Moreover, Centrica … Read more

Optimizing Power Management in IoT Battery Devices

With the increased use of internet-of-things devices in industrial equipment, home automation, and medical applications comes increasing pressure for optimized power management — whether through decreased size, better efficiency, improved current consumption, or faster charging times — in a small-form factor that does not negatively impact thermals nor interfere with the wireless communication implemented by … Read more

IoT’s Heyday Is Here and It’s Running on 4G Networks

The internet of things, from a top-level standpoint, refers to a network of physical devices, such as embedded sensors, driverless vehicles, smartphones/tablets, wearables, or home appliances, that create and share information wirelessly without any human involvement. And although the IoT is very much in vogue right now, it is a technological capability that has been … Read more

U.S. Chip Giant Intel Might Expand to Veneto, Italy

The American microcontroller industry giant frequently launches substantial investment campaigns to increase its chip production across the globe. This is also the case for Veneto, the Italian region chosen for an unprecedented massive project. It is the settlement of Intel in Italy, for a very delicate and important commercial deal, which aims to counter the … Read more