Building Value Proposition from Edge Sensor Data for Enterprises

Industry 4.0 has significantly increased the amount of autonomous machinery needed in an industrial setup. These machines with human-like thinking capabilities are expected to revolutionize the industry with utmost efficiency and precision of operation. The industrial automation ecosystem incorporates several edge sensors, which collect the environmental and surrounding signals and send them to edge data … Read more

What are the Top Advances in Automotive Electronics in 2022?

Automotive technology has evolved dramatically over the last century or so. The vehicles you know and love today started as deceptively complex machines. The advent of the technological age has seen manufacturers incorporate electronics and computing into nearly every aspect of the average vehicle’s functionality. As the year moves into its second half, what are … Read more

Multi-Party Computation: A Cryptographic Marvel in Search of Its Commercial Sweet Spot

Over the last two decades, our personal and professional lives have become increasingly digital. On the one hand, this has enabled us to communicate, collaborate, and be entertained in ways we could never have imagined. On the other hand, it has also made us more vulnerable to data misuse and theft, especially when that data … Read more

Transistors Efficiency Enhanced by a New Quantum-Engineered Material

In most electronics applications, power management integrated circuits (PMICs) are the principal components that provide the necessary voltage levels. Today, 5V transistors are used as switches in many PMICs and other BCD (Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS) mixed signal products. These switches’ performance is directly related to two main factors: low on resistance, which lowers power losses, and good isolation, which means a high breakdown voltage. As a result, the on-resistance at a certain breakdown voltage has become the industry standard metric for switch performance. MST (Mears Silicon Technology) SP (Smart Profile), a proprietary and patented technology that improves the performance of 5V analog transistors by lowering channel on-resistance, was recently announced by Atomera Incorporated. The new method blends carrier mobility enhancements, which lower particular on-resistance, with dopant profile engineering, which improves control of short-channel effects. According to Atomera, this new technology 5V NMOS switch reduces particular on-resistance by up to 25% without affecting the breakdown voltage or other important … Read more

Mobile Connectivity Integral to EV Charge-Point Payment Models in Next-Gen Smart Buildings

Thanks to advances in distributed energy sources and smart-metering technology, the concept of the national grid is being redefined. What’s more, with energy generation now possible at property level via solar panels, and with more applications utilizing said energy as the world goes digital, commercial mixed-use buildings are perfectly poised to play a crucial role … Read more

A View on Memory and Storage Technology Roadmaps

In this interview, Arnaud Furnémont, vice president of R&D memory and compute at imec, reviews imec’s memory and storage roadmaps and explains how these respond to the industry’s need for ever more memory. He shows how the classical technologies (dynamic random-access memory, or DRAM, and 3D NAND flash) can be pushed to their ultimate limits … Read more

How to Accelerate Time to Market with System in Package Solutions

The current trend in the electronics market is to seek solutions with ever-higher levels of integration at an ever lower cost. In this context, the System in Package (SiP) represents the ideal solution for markets that require miniaturized products with advanced functionality. SiP solutions integrate different technologies in the same package, achieving a high degree … Read more