Spectrum analyzer displays Wi-Fi 6/6E activity

WiPry Clarity from Oscium is a tri-band Wi-Fi spectrum analyzer that lets you view wireless activity on Wi-Fi 6/6E, as well as legacy Wi-Fi bands. Using the free Windows or Mac software, the tool displays the invisible wireless landscape to find interference that negatively impacts network performance. It exposes dead spaces, pinpoints sources of interference, … Read more

How NOR flash helps overcome design challenges in wearables

Although wearable and hearable technologies seem like an extension of the previous generation of handheld devices, the innovative features needed to improve their value, user experience, and functionalities add a significant level of complexity. For example, adding sleek features and functionalities into a smartwatch has to be done within a rigid form factor and power … Read more

Creating smart brightness-controlled lamp with a motion sensor

This article aims to demonstrate the design of a smart brightness-controlled lamp with a motion sensor using a programmable mixed-signal matrix with four outputs, operating voltage up to 13.2 V, and 2 A current per output. The system is created using high voltage macrocells and other internal and external components within the chip to interact … Read more

Tale from the production floor – the processor that starts and stops unexpectedly

Many years ago I worked in the R&D department of a company which developed and manufactured specialized consumer products. One of our products had a separate power supply which included an LCD display and programmable controls. Those were the days of 8-bit microcontrollers and monochrome LCD displays. I was tasked with designing a test jig … Read more

Edge AI processor slashes inference latency

GrAI Matter Labs (GML) unveiled the GrAI VIP, a sparsity-driven AI SoC optimized for ultra-low latency and low-power processing at the endpoint. According to the company, the vision inference processor drastically reduces application latency. For example, it can reduce end-to-end latencies for deep learning networks, such as Resnet-50, to the order of a millisecond. A … Read more

Teardown: Smart switch provides Bluetooth power control

I've tested (and tore down) several network-controllable power switches of late; Belkin’s WeMo and, more recently, TP-Link’s HS100, both Wi-Fi based. Then there's GE's (sold under license by Jasco) Avi-on line. Unlike the others I just mentioned, it's Bluetooth-based, and with a twist. Each Avi-on unit is not only a receiver but also a mesh … Read more

Teardown: Amazon Dash Button keeps you connected

Amazon's Dash Button, which I previously mentioned back in late May 2015, is the ultimate in consumer convenience (or, if you prefer, consumerism gone crazy). Simply press a button on the inconspicuous adhesive-backed device (perfect for attaching to your washer and dryer, refrigerator, counter, or cabinet), and your Amazon account is charged for the purchase … Read more