650V GaN FET resides in surface-mount package

Extending Transphorm’s SuperGaN FET portfolio to higher power systems, the TP65H050G4BS is a 650-V, 50-mΩ device housed in a TO-263 (D2PAK) package. Engineers can use the TP65H050G4BS where higher power and surface-mount packaging are required, enabling better thermal performance than PQFN type packages. It also increases the efficiency of PCB assembly through the use of … Read more

AmberSemi puts AC sensing in silicon chip

The AC Direct Sensing engine from AmberSemi is a predictive analysis and sensing software engine in a semiconductor architecture. By essentially digitizing electricity, it enables real-time and continuous sensing and detection, sampling over 4000 times per second, 64 times per sine wave cycle. AC Direct Sensing detects transient events, such as inductive kickback, overcurrent, overvoltage, … Read more

IGBT module tackles photovoltaic applications

Mitsubishi announced the development of a new version of its 2.0-kV IGBT module in an LV100 package intended specifically for photovoltaic applications. The power module, which fills the gap between 1.7 kV and 3.3 kV, enables product designers to reduce the number of power-conversion inverters, as well as overall power consumption, in photovoltaic equipment used … Read more

Ultra-low power memory targets the metaverse

sureCore, an embedded IP specialist, reports that its ultra-low power memory designs need up to 50% less power than standard off-the-shelf memory. The company’s memory technologies reduce both dynamic and static power across a range of devices and aim to improve wearable metaverse hardware. sureCore offers a variety of power-optimized standard products that deliver market-leading … Read more

Technology bets don’t always pan out

 I’ve mentioned several times in the past, most recently (I think) in August 2019, my “MacPro3,1” early 2008 model Apple Mac Pro: It’s been a trusted workhorse for many years. Ever since I bought it used in September 2011, I’ve successively upgraded many elements of it; adding expansion cards, updating the graphics subsystem, expanding its … Read more

Dissecting an underwhelming dog bark controller

Meet Lexie, our three-year-old female Collie:             She’s very pretty (IMHO)…in stark contrast to that ugly dude looming behind her. She’s unfortunately also a barker. Around 1.5 years ago, I had the bright idea to pick up an ultrasonic bark deterrent device, with a claimed 50-foot maximum bark-detection range. It didn’t go well. When … Read more

Apple’s 2022 WWDC: Generational evolution and dramatic obsolescence

Look back at my roughly 20 years’ worth of coverage of various iterations of Apple’s yearly mid-summer conference, and you’ll notice that software and services announcements dominate. This should be no surprise; the “D” in WWDC stands for developers, after all, and the bulk of Apple’s developers create software apps that tap into Apple’s operating … Read more

Software improves wire harness design

Harness Builder 2022 for Zuken’s E3.series electrical design software adds a built-in datasheet viewer and wire harness weight estimator. The updated software also aims to simplify automatic wire processing with new features and support for leading wire cut, mark, and strip machines. Harness Builder 2022 eases access to datasheets with an intelligent built-in viewer. Upon … Read more

Mobile apps: The next engineering tool

When desktop computers first arrived some thirty years ago, engineers quickly used them to solve engineering problems. Engineers also developed many I/O boards for the ISA bus, and later the PCI bus, with I/O such as digitizers and DSP. Next came laptops, which made engineering hardware and software portable, so engineers developed and used peripherals, … Read more

Design femtoampere circuits with low leakage, part 2: Component selection

Part 1 of this article defines and describes the designs that carry these low currents, explains the problems that arise when you design these circuits, and examines the application of shielding and guarding methods. In Part 2, we examine how your component selection affects the performance of your low-leakage circuits and discuss how noise creeps … Read more