Power modules suit automotive onboard charging

Vishay has released seven MOSFET and diode power modules in various circuit configurations specifically for automotive onboard charging. The modules combine fast body diode MOSFETs and SiC, FRED Pt, and MOAT diodes in the company’s compact EMIPAK 1B packages with PressFit pin locking. The devices are available across a range of power ratings and in … Read more

There’s more to driver monitoring system than pretty pictures

With people at the wheel ever more susceptible to distractions, drowsiness and impairment, driver monitoring systems (DMS) are considered key in accident prevention. But are we overdesigning the sensors at the heart of these systems? Simulations using a new sensor modeling tool and a deep neural network (DNN) indicate it is plausible that we are—by … Read more

BMS designs for EVs reach cloud, adopt digital twins

The battery is the costliest element in an electric vehicle (EV), making battery management system (BMS) a key design recipe in vehicle electrification. Not surprisingly, therefore, BMS requirements are growing as EVs go mainstream. So, in a bid to improve battery performance and enable new applications, semiconductor suppliers are joining hands with automotive software specialists … Read more

SiC MOSFET targets electric vehicle systems

Alpha & Omega expands its SiC MOSFET platform with an AEC-Q101 qualified 750-V device for electric vehicle systems like onboard chargers and traction inverters. The company also introduced a 650-V SiC MOSFET for industrial applications, including solar inverters, motor drives, and energy storage systems. Based on the company’s aSiC MOSFET technology, the AOM015V75X2Q 750-V αSiC … Read more

Radar transceiver empowers automotive ADAS

A high-definition radar transceiver, the RAA270205 from Renesas meets the demands of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) applications. With four transmit and four receive channels, the part supports up to 16 MIMO channels for high angular accuracy and operates over a frequency band of 76 GHz to 81 GHz. The RAA270205 … Read more

Chip ferrite beads remove wideband noise in vehicles

The BLM21HE series of chip ferrite beads from Murata provide powerline noise suppression, including high-frequency issues within high-current automotive systems. Even at 1 GHz, BLM21HE802XXX devices typically attain impedance values of 850 Ω. This makes the parts useful for addressing the signal integrity of next-generation vehicle designs where high-current powerlines will be in close proximity … Read more

Hurricane Ian and EV fires

First, please see the two following URLs: https://licn.typepad.com/my_weblog/2022/07/lithium-ion-fire-traps-john-dunn-consultant-ambertec-pe-pc.html https://licn.typepad.com/my_weblog/2022/09/megapack-fire-john-dunn-consultant-ambertec-pe-pc.html Next, please note the text and images below as extracted from this third URL: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/battling-fires-from-water-damaged-evs-ties-up-resources-in-hurricane-ian-recovery-florida-fire-dept-says/ar-AA12Ir66?cvid=fd034a9b23304df89f303fb4ce48ca95 Further, please note this fourth URL and an extracted image: https://www.motorbiscuit.com/flooded-tesla-hurricane-ian-exploding-florida/ Fifth, please see the following response to the Megapack topic as offered by Slobodan Cuk via LinkedIn: The underlying issue … Read more

Automotive PMIC protects vehicle cameras

A highly integrated PMIC for next-generation automotive cameras, the Renesas RAA271082 is an ISO 26262-compliant multi-rail IC that meets stringent ASIL B metrics. The part employs a primary high-voltage synchronous buck regulator, two secondary low-voltage synchronous buck regulators, and a low-voltage LDO regulator. In addition, the RAA271082 packs four overvoltage and undervoltage (OV/UV) monitors, a … Read more

Automotive RTOS and hypervisor team with Infineon MCUs

Automotive software vendor Elektrobit offers an embedded real-time operating system and hypervisor for Infineon’s Aurix TC4x microcontrollers. The EB tresos AutoCore OS and EB tresos Embedded Hypervisor enable OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to develop and deploy automotive electrical/electronic (E/E) architectures based on the AUTOSAR Classis standard to accelerate the development of next-generation vehicles. The … Read more

CMOS flip-flop used “off label” implements precision capacitance sensor

When applied to pharmaceuticals, the term “off-label” suggests the (frequently discovered) practical and beneficial uses for a drug that are different from the one it was originally developed for. This happens for electronic components too, such as the venerable CD4013B dual-D CMOS flip-flop.  Despite the 4013’s labeling as a traditional bi-stable logic element, it nevertheless … Read more